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Ok folks.

If you see it.

Hi Lovers,

The court clerk said, there are 3 parties to every transaction. The creditor, the debtor, and you, the life.

After our wonderful call last night I was hit with a revelation. Helps to talk to my Mighty I AM Presence.

So, we are neither the creditor nor the debtor. As such we have no obligation to pay but we paid. That is the voluntary aspect our clerk friend spoke of. As such we have no standing in equity. Equity does not assist a volunteer.

Now here is the big revelation. The BC is evidence of Her Majesty's business or [mini] estate and we are the Life upon which the business/estate depends, the third party. It is Her birth certificate; can be recalled, cancelled, or invalidated.

A BC is not and was never intended to be used as personal id. When we used it as such all we did was volunteer to be the debtor as evidenced by the payments we made. Each of us, the Life, the source of energy, the gold, was granted a business to operate for and on behalf of HM. She is the creditor and the debtor.

All names business is done in are registered, thus receive Her blessing. We have been blessed beyond comprehension here people. So the estate is not the SoB, that is the plug in of the Life upon which the business/estate, evidenced by the BC, depends. The BC is the estate, call it a crown estate or business matters not.

The only reason creditors come to us for payment is because up to now we have volunteered payment. A consequence of selfishness, my house my car, but it is not your house or car. That property belongs to Her Majesty's business you are operating. It is Her business and she has the obligation to pay, if you let her.

I told of Adam up north who was told by the Deputy Registrar General ( D.R.G.) they can't do that. They, the crown agents, used the name on BC to id the man but a BC is not personal id it is evidence of Her Majesty's business, and that the holder, the natural person named on the BC, is the Life, which without, nothing happens. There is no business there is no Canada.  

As the Life upon which the Estate/Business depends, in the stead of acting as the debtor, we have standing in equity.

So the Declaration of Life here has more to do with, I am here, I am Alive. I am the Life (surety) upon which the crown business/estate depends. I am not the debt beat debtor, a legal person.

Are you getting this.

The grantor is the one that has to put up the funds. An application is made for a BC and if you have one it was granted.

When Neo went to the machine city the machine said, we do not need you. Neo said, if that is true kill me now. To kill Neo would be to deprive HM of the Life her business depends on. Without out us, Life, there is no business, no money, and in that sense we are the gold; hence, physicians notification of birth document is known as the GOLD STANDARD form.

In Canada they will only issue a birth certificate to a natural person who is Alive. They know from the the application for a BC that you are the Life upon which HM's business/estate depends. The unknown is, do you know that or are you going to use a BC as personal id?

The clerk said the surety does not pay. That is because HM is the creditor and the debtor, and that is because HM grants birth certificates and holds or retains legal title in the birth certificate. You can see the consequence of using a BC as personal id. You are saying HM owns me and you did it to yourself. That is why when Adam called the DRG and said, what if they ID me by that name, he was told they cannot do that and he ended up having his marijuana returned to him in court.

Once we get on board with this and use the BC as intended, if an agent of the crown/HM was to attack you he or she is attacking HM. It is Her business, evidenced by the BC, and she needs us, the Life, to operate it. It would be an act of piracy or treason/sedition. You could look at it that you are captain of Her Majesty's vessel and anyone that attacks that vessel is a pirate.

My friend up north is involved with a bad landlord. My friend was a former tenant. The landlord, being an agent of HM, was in contempt of court 3 times and the government agent said, don't worry, we take care of our own, meaning, this guy may end up in jail for the things he did as HM's landlord. Furthermore, my same friend was involved in a bankruptcy matter, the alleged bankrupt. Well, they took the house and sold it even though there are caveats noted on the title in the land registry office. It was sold to a guy for cash and it looks like 3 lawyer absconded with the cash. In so doing they stole from HM and one of them has several charges hanging over him, one of which is breach of trust.

My point here is one is either with or against HM and when we used HM's BC as personal id, we became pirates. As per the most recent Pirates of the Caribbean movies, all pirates must die. Meaning, stop being a pirate. Stop using a BC as personal id and operate with it as if captain of her vessel, allowing her, the grantor of the BC, to pay. Pirates are not allies of HM.

So to correct the problem we created we have to, and this is for your discernment, use the BC as intended. Not as personal id but as evidence of HM's business and we the life upon which that business depends, the surety. 3 parties to every transaction, creditor, debtor, and you, man. We are not the creditor. We are not the debtor. We are to be the third party man operating HM's business.  

We met with a lawyer for the Minister of Finance. He told us that promissory notes issued by the government, in the name of the Crown, e.g. to a contractor who does work for the province, have no fixed date of maturity. The contractor takes that note to the bank and deposits it. The account is credited thank you very much. If you know what no fixed dated of maturity means, then you see how HM can fund the vessel you operate as intended, with no debt outstanding. That contrary to working for a living.  

There it is people. If you see it

Peace be in you