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— by Tony Tony
Thank you for sharing - again, I get what you are saying and I appreciate your thoughts.  It is clear to me that all the "stuff" I did including speaking to vital records director, after much correspondence, just did not work.  Maybe my paperwork was not correct?  Maybe it is me?  All I can do is be willing and try.  

At least you were able to have a meeting with some official and there was a willingness there.  All I got from the director was the BC was NY property, which I said to him, that is exactly my point, then he skirted what I had said.  If the birth name/title is property of the state, then under the rule of usufruct, the state is liable.  Toward the end of the conversation, I said, I do not understand how people can do this to others and future generations, as the director had told me he was a new grandfather.  I do not understand why there is this NEED to protect a system where there is a "false" profit motive behind it, to everyone's own detriment?  One could say, it is there to protect.  OK, I could agree up to a point.  If everyone worked together for the good of everyone, maybe 80% of the people would see heaven on earth.  For the other 20%, this type of "living" would not work for them.  There is enough room on the planet to give everyone what they really want.  I want to and CAN live in peace with people.  

moving on --

If I need to "rebut the presumption of lost at sea or property is abandoned", I too am ok with this as well.  Either way, the outcome is the same thing, some public official must step up to the plate.  I did not write their rules, they wrote their rules and they must honor their rules because they "are paid to do so, under their 'contract" whatever all that means in the land of fiction.  

Just to cover any presumptions in my response.  NO, I am not looking to "get away with something".  NO, I am not looking to rub in their faces this stuff.  All I want is the return to Shangri-La.  If you all have not seen the 1937 very dated movie, Lost Horizon, do watch a few times.  Once you get past the "datedness" there are many truths inside of there.  Some folks are not ready for Heaven on earth, and maybe I have some ways to go, but my overall intent is what can I do, say, pray, or whatever to get us - those that want this - back to Eden.  Sorry for long response.  

May God Bless everyone.