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— by iamsomedude iamsomedude
Question 1:

Why is one who claims to be LIVE in a court of the dead making claims?

Sounds like one wishes to be double minded. The Turnabout comes into effect when one is recognized by and thru A NAME as the one LIABLE to settle those affairs. When one comes in this way, one can take the administration of the estate away from those who are administrating it.

Question 2:

Not a question for the forums. That is in regards to something OTHER than the Turnabout is ALWAYS Fair Play PDF

But in respect to Presbyterian Church v. St. Louis Union Trust Co. (1974) it was referenced and paraphrased within In Re Estate of Morrison92 Ill. 2d 207 (1982) as follows : although it is a rebuttable presumption that can be disproved by evidence showing the person presumed to be dead is alive (Presbyterian Church v. St. Louis Union Trust Co. (1974), 18 Ill. App.3d 713)

The Certificate of Live Birth is evidence of the Presumption of the Abandonment of an INFANT estate. When one engages the Turnabout, that presumption is defeated by the presence of the one so presumed, if that one can actually muster enough faith to stand up.

One is using the estate: is it abandoned?
One is being called by a dead-dude name: is the dude dead?

And that is the only thing that matters right now: are you Live and can you STAND or do you seek to "convince" others of such by showing how smart you are?

~ Boris

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