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QUESTIONS: Turnabout is ALWAYS Fair Play
— by william-michael william-michael

Can the Turnabout is fair play be used when one is the "Plaintiff"?  

or do they have to be a Defendant?

i.e. FDCPA claim.

It would seem that one would start out using the legal name to start the Complaint.  Then the Plaintiff would put in the Turnabout once the Defendant was served turning it into the PREEMPTIVE CLAIM changing it from a Private Bar Matter into a Public Matter.



Regarding Presbyterian Church v. St. Louis Union Trust Co. (1974), 18 Ill. App.3d 713):  I can find no evidence of any application to what we are trying to prove.  What are we looking for here?  What is the relevant portion of this case?  Not saying it's not there - but I can't find it.