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— by Tony Tony
Adam, thank you, we are in agreement mostly.  Just the basic concepts:  As legal title holder, the State of XX is the trustee, as man has been left spoliated.  Based upon the spoliation of the owner [of his Natural Rights] where the State receives benefit, under the rule of usufruct, the State too is subject to the liability.  So simple, how can one disagree?  I would be delighted to help the US during its bankruptcy by providing to the US all checks made payable to the name I use.  But this too was ignored.  READ into this - I was willing to give more than take out.  My needs are minimal.  If everyone put into the pot everything and took out of that same pot what they need, good golly Miss Molly, we'd be surely well on our way to "Heaven here on Earth" -- as intended by the One who created and is the owner of the earth.  I can not understand why SO many people hoard.  It makes no sense.  I would say my most frustration in life is not just this study, it is trying to understand what are people's ultimate goals and motivations?  Do we not all want the same thing, in essence?  Security, shelter, food, friends, partner, peace, love, etc?  When I finally GOT, gee I can not take any THING with me once I take my last breath and really GOT that, wow, this so does not fit in with the illusion.  But the illusion is present for OUR good.  This too is certain.          

Up to today and this may change tomorrow, I do not agree that the government registers "Life Events", it registers an "Event". the event being a certificate of title that was created by [using loose terms here] a Doctor who granted or attested [testor] or attended the birth of a child [a person under the age of majority] by his signature, thus started off the process of a common form estate.    

Point in reference

Common and Solemn Form of Probate

In English law, there are two kinds of probate, namely, probate in common form, and probate in solemn form.  Probate in common form is granted in the registry, without any formal procedure in court, upon an ex parte application made by the executor. Probate in solemn form is in the nature of a final decree pronounced in open court, all parties interested having been duly cited. The difference between the effect of probate in common form and probate in solemn form is that probate in solemn form is irrevocable, as against all persons who have been cited to see the proceedings, or who can be proved to have been privy to those proceedings, except in the case where a will of subsequent date is discovered, in which case probate of an earlier will, though granted in solemn form, would be revoked. Coote, Prob. Pr. (5th Ed.) 237-239; Mozley & Whitley. And see Luther v. Luther, 122 Ill. 558, 13 N. E. 166

Is the Doctor the Grantor and Executor?  I do not know.  Maybe until the State takes over the executorship?  What I do surmise is that the legal person is not man.  It is a fiction.  

Check this out in Florida

Seriously, why do you think the State of Florida wants a "certificate of miscarriage"?  LOL

I agree - how one interprets the bible IS most important.  I love Christian Science, but this to me is a little tough 100% of the time.  I too love Spiritism, as this explains so much in life, [which I have first hand experience to witness miracles] so I kinda put the two together and I find it for me to be a good balance.  Scripture is abundant in both.  I just resonate with these two ideas the best.  And me too, sorry for long winded.