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— by Hallow Hallow
Hi Tony

What you say about the name is true for legal purposes such as appearances in Court. They will summons man via his lawful or proper name, proper noun, but then the charges are accounted under a legal ALL CAP name.

The main thing to distinguish is that man is the Life upon which the JOHN DOE estate does depend. Knowing that and how to articulate it is the basis of our right and remedy in equity. But if man claim himself to be or appears as, has not rebutted the presumption he is a legal person, citizen, resident, incorporated inhabitant, subject etc., creatures of the state, no Life, he is doomed.

Man is identified by a proper noun whereas ALL CAPS identifies something else. We have several letters from the deputy registrar that a Birth Certificate, BC, may be used as a foundation document. May is not must and therefore the BC has another purpose. The SoB is the foundation document, or, legal title to the Estate identified by the name given on it to register a birth. It is stated here that name is a legal name. So we see a distinguishment between lawful or proper and legal names.

Legal title in a BC does not pass to the recipient; therefore, the government holds or retain legal title in birth certificates. Therefore legal title to the Estate does not pass to the recipient. But, as we are the Life upon which the Estates do depend, we hold equitable right, title and interest, or right to call upon the legal title holder, trustee, for performance. The government does not register people when it registers births, it registers, now get this and things may fall into place for you; they register Life events. BC is not and was never intended to be used as personal id.

Aside from identifying an Estate, your interest, the BC in Canada is proof of Life; that the holder of a BC is the Life upon which the Estate, registered at birth, does depend. Here they will only issue a BC to a person who is alive, not physically dead. So the BC is not a death certificate as some claim. It seems that way because we either identified ourselves a legal/artificial persons, creatures of the state, no Life, or allowed someone else to. It began when we used the BC as a foundation document. Big mistake.

Now how the public and or the country benefits from this is in allowing the trustee to do their duty. As the government, a public office/officer, holds legal title to our Estates and the property belongs to the Estates, we have nothing to give. Or if one did want to give he has to disclaim the Estate. That is not the subject or path but my point is the nation is served when we allow the legal title holder to do their job as trustee.

So we, man, upon whose lives the Estates depend, can say we are the grantor. I stick with I AM the Life upon which the Estate does depend because the government does register life events, not grantors. Not in so many words.

Bottom line, by not taking, claiming ownership, and operating in accordance with that as predestined, all is fore or previously given. The predestined thing as it pertains to this world is because the Vital Statistics Act, the authority to register the estate upon the birth of a child, for the government to take and hold legal title, was enacted before we were born into this world.

How one interprets the Bible has much to play in this. For example, Jesus said ye cannot serve two masters. Some interpret that to mean you cannot serve God and mammon. But what is really meant is you cannot serve God, the inner mind, and the human, or outer mind. Two completely different states of being two completely differing perspectives. The inner or God mind knows its life comes from God whereas the human or outer mind believes it is sustained from the outer appearance world. For that it has given power to the outer world in the stead of God first and foremost. Love God with all thine Heart.

I AM not here to serve or give to the nation, not directly. I AM here by the grace of God to Love God and serve God, do as he wants me to. A by-product of that, as per the above, allowing the trustee to do their job, is how the nation is served. We are here, we do what we do, make what we make, and it, the Estates/property, fruits of Life, remains here after the life leaves the body. That is my contribution. No one can lead a constructive life, be in harmony with all life, or a destructive life, out of harmony or out of sync with that as predestined. We got out of sync when we used the BC as personal id, thereby making it appear we are the legal title holders when in fact we are not.

Sorry for the long winded reply.