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— by Tony Tony
Thank you for posting this info, it is very helpful.  

A couple of comments - as far as agent, it is my understanding there are "types of agency", one being liable and the other not being liable.  For example, I can be an employee for a company and sign FOR the company without liability as agent for the principal.  Of course, the other type is signing as agent is for the person, ie service of process, signature on a traffic ticket, tax return, etc, as consenting surety/principal.  

I am enclosing something I had in my files for some time, specifically relating to taxes, an "affidavit of revocation".  I hope the info may be of some help to others.  Again, I do not say the info as accurate or not accurate, it is just a sample of an affidavit of recession I had in my files.  Yes, I do get it is not about paperwork, but too, it is about understanding the concept.  And Yes, the main and basis concept IS the Cestui Que Vi and I am alive [which I am, an incarnate living soul having a human experience]


To be clear, [and I admit my potential misunderstanding based upon what I studied where the courts have agreed that there is no difference between the all caps NAME, JOHN DOE or upper and lower, John Doe], when you mention -" You need to know which name identifies you and which identifies your Estate", THUS would this be a correct example:  "John Doe" = surety/Estate, However, "John Doe, Incarnate Living Soul" would equate to  identifying me, the man with beneficial interest to the John Doe estate?

Also I have a question based upon this:  "So since the gov holds the SoB, as well as retains or holds legal title in the BC, and we have not claimed our estates, property reverts to, or continues to belong to or under the control of the state. Now when we cause the merger of estates, which we do when we claim it, HM is on the hook to perform."

OK, once we claim our estate as beneficial entitlement/interest holder [equitable interest/naked ownership], you are forcing the title holder or state to perform its duty to acquit and discharge the "obligations".  Have you found this to be the case with all past payments made by JOHN DOE [man consenting as surety] of all obligations, ie, as you mentioned all property taxes were return?  If you go into court and provide this "affidavit of life" plus the BC, does the court actually then ACT to the mandate of the CQV trust by "If the supposed dead Man prove to be alive, then the Title is revested. Action for mean Profits with Interest........since [from] the time of the said Eviction received the Proffitts of the said Lands or Tenements recover for damages the full Proffitts of the said Lands or Tenements respectively with lawfull Interest for and from the time that he or they were outed of the said Lands or Tenements, and kepte or held out of the same by the said Lessors Reversioners Tennants or other persons who after the said Eviction received the Proffitts of the said Lands or Tenements or any of them respectively as well in the case when the said person or persons upon whose Life or Lives such Estate or Estates did depend are or shall be dead at the time of bringing of the said Action or Actions as if the said person or persons where then liveing.]"?