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Info from Top Court Clerk/Registrar
— by Hallow Hallow
What follows is a series of emails sent to those on my email list

Our court clerk friend has been quite helpful revealing some info.

3 parties to every transaction, the creditor, debtor, and you.

HM is responsible for the BC

BC is an indemnity security. But events have to take place to bring that to fruition.

Also, all fines paid into a court are still in that court? There is a reason.  These payments are voluntary. We never had to pay. It is not their money. Also, equity does not assist a volunteer.

Everything is estates. Revocation of power of attorney is more power than a power of attorney. It is also how one gets his power back. A lawyer was disbarred for one year after telling my friend that.



Good morning

The court clerk told of a situation of an 80 yr old woman who had returned to her 60 years worth of property taxes she had paid.

The SoB represents our estate, our interest. We have to hone in on that, the reason we do not own property. We do but we do not. Tilted has to be re-vested.

They are, or we are allowing them, to take from our inheritance/estates and give us tid bits thru the legal person (no life). I sent a letter recently to the effect, fraudulent attempts to attach liability to man via a legal person. Seems to have had the desired effect. That may stop them from trying to collect but will not re-vest the title.

Hence, as per the court clerk; there has to be a Declaration of Life. Here I am, I am Alive. No longer lost at sea or an absentee.

So, SoB = our interest, inheritance/estate, and we get tid bits via legal person thru the BC. Is this you?

As I wrote yesterday, there are 3 parties to every transaction. Debtor, creditor, and you, surety. The surety is the guarantor but not obligated to pay, the holder of our estate/trust account is to pay. But we have been paying; hence the voluntary aspect and why there is no assistance in equity. Knowing you are the 3rd party surety and if you are being compelled or pressured to perform, pay or else, then is when you can get into equity. If you pay, once again you volunteered. Coming to you for payment will cease once you claim your Estate.

All that money we paid since day one is there for us to claim. See Cestui Que Vie Act. Our estate/inheritance is what backs everything and why we need to hone in on that as well as a full accounting. The creditor/debtor is really HM in that all business is done in her name (be it between General Motors and NAME on BC). Exactly as Marcus said and I spoke about during the RtKoG talkshoe calls. It is also why man has to show up alive and lay his claim. Here I AM. I AM alive. You need to know which name identifies you and which identifies your Estate

If you look on the app. for a Birth Certificate a BC may be requested by/for one who is alive but not if physically dead. So they know when an app. is made for a BC that we are alive but then we use the BC as personal id, thus, enter into the land of the dead. "Let the dead do business with the dead". But we are not dead but as if dead, or, lost at sea, an absentee. If you were considered lost at sea for 20 years and then come to shore alive, how would you go about claiming your property/estate?

I love thee


According to the clerk we are not agents. He specifically stated that. If you hold my estate I am no agent and why would I claim to be an agent?

The clerk said our estates, us, our energy, backs everything, but the estates belong to us; hence, surety. As the title to our estates is held by HM it is HM that should pay out of our Estates. It is your Estate and you are entitled to the rents and profits etc. It is why the woman had 60 yrs of property taxes returned.

The clerk said we are surety and the surety does not pay. According to the clerk we do not have to pay, never did, and is why the woman got 60 yrs of property taxes returned. The clerk said all the money paid into court is sitting there. Why????? Is this the CAFR Account?

The clerk is a head clerk and he has seen a lot of paperwork and so I place more faith in what he offers than others. Unknown to my friend until yesterday, who when involved in a bankruptcy proceeding (10 yrs ago), he revoked power of attorney and fired the judge. The clerk said the judge was fired, gone bye bye  no longer a judge. So who then employs who?

We have to get it in us we are the top dogs here, the employer if you will. We are so used to being the underdog, told what to do, that we do not take seriously the gov holds our estates. Escheat, noun, (law) a reversion to the state (as the ultimate owner of property) in the absence of legal heirs. The property that reverts to the state.

So since the gov holds the SoB, as well as retains or holds legal title in the BC, and we have not claimed our estates, property reverts to, or continues to belong to or under the control of the state. Now when we cause the merger of estates, which we do when we claim it, HM is on the hook to perform. Our estate she is holding is backing the BC estate; hence, surety. "Merge, verb; to become one" (Mark 10:8-9 and the two shall become one flesh: so they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate) "Merger, noun, (law) an absorption of one estate, or one contract, into another, both being held by the same person".

HM holds title to our estate evidenced by the SoB and holds or retains title in the BC = the same person, but it is our estates. As of now based on how we used the BC there are two estates or a separation, no surety, just a bunch of people volunteering payment. When the estates are merged based on our claim then HM has everything HM needs to take care of the accounting.

Obviously they are doing a great job of accounting for the payments we make. They knew how much that woman paid over 60 yrs to return same to her. A volunteer payment is not as gift or donation. That is why the money paid into court is sitting there.


The clerk said, I am not lost at sea. Where did he get that from? Why did he say that?

See, we are not dead, we are considered lost at sea, no dead body, or why then have you not claimed your estate???????


This from the Cestui Que Vie Act.

"recover for damages the full Proffitts of the said Lands or Tenements respectively with lawful Interest for and from the time that he or they were outed of the said Lands or Tenements".

The one lost at sea but that has returned has right to the profits and damages. Why? Because it is his lawful estate.

CESTUI QUE TRUST He who has a right to a beneficial interest in and out of an estate, the legal title to which is vest in another. The person who holds the equitable right to property and who receives the rents, issues, and profits thereof, the legal estate of which is vest in a trustee.

CESTUI QUE USE He for who use and benefit land or tenements are held by another. He has the right to receive the profits and benefit of the estate, but the legal title and possession (as well as the duty of defending the same) resides in another.

Part IV of the Cestui Que Vie Act: If the supposed dead Man prove to be alive, then the Title is revested

The Absentee Act covers the - we do not know if he is dead or alive. Until an actual death certificate is issued, we are considered lost at sea or an absentee.


We know the government does not register people it registers live events.

Tom shared a while back what a lawyer friend of his said to him; oh, you know about the registration of an Estate upon the registration of the birth of an infant.

Now read the preamble to the Cestui Que Vie Act "upon whose Lives Estate doe depend".

Tom shared with me this fine day what he did to stop the prosecution of a traffic charge; "When I went to court 2yrs ago over a traffic ticket I sent the Crown a written notice of dispute within 3day along with asserting that the RCMP including the Crown were committing fraud by trying to collect twice on a debt. What I stated was Their trying to get paid twice, Once from the birth estate/trust account as the cop failed to give me the original violation ticket and the second payment if I pleaded guilty to the charges. I also said in my notice that I didn't consent to contract or to be recognized as a legal person before the law".

Are you seeing it. They get paid from our metaphorical pot of gold account (Estates) and us if we volunteer payment. They need to get us, the Life, on the hook, or to claim our Estates, so they can access our Estate/Trust Account. Well, if they can access it so can we. They should be charging the Estate the government (HM) holds title to, not us.

Here is the proof of that;
Absentees Act R.S.O. 1990, Chapter A.3 (modern version of Cestui Que Vie Act)

Powers of committee to expend money out of estate
7 The committee, subject to the direction of the court, has authority to expend moneys out of the estate of an absentee for the purpose of endeavouring to trace the absentee and in endeavouring to ascertain whether he or she is alive or dead.  R.S.O. 1990, c. A.3, s. 7.

If you have read legislation where they speak of Estates, all charges/costs, with exception as per Statute of Frauds, are charged to or borne by the Estate. Well in Canada Her Majesty (HM) holds our Estates/trust Account; therefore, has the duty to perform for us.

By the way, the prosecutor, as did the RCMP officer, told Tom they would not prosecute.