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— by Tony Tony
No docs are "the perfect ones", obviously, as I stated previously, I have enough paper to wall paper the bedroom with the ones I sent out.  

The docs I obtained from MN are more comprehensive than what I had done; nonetheless, I would not call them useless.  Nor would I call the ones I prepared useless.  The intent is never useless.  I do not even know if I would go as far as to say "there are mistakes" in anyone's documents.  To loosely pose a question based upon Jim Comey recent BS, "what is the difference between intentional and extremely careless [in law]"?  Yeah - go answer this.  More BS.  

Boris, I am asking you sincerely, to please consider having a weekend seminar on this subject matter.  I believe our time is becoming short and the wheat will have to be separated from the chaff.  Honestly, I hope the entire system collapses, people of Good Being and those not so good, really can not continue to "share the same air space", this too is part of the Universal Law.  Something has to give and soon.  This is why there is an appearance of "turbulence" in the "illusion", consciousness is rising, Good People yearn for their True Nature while others become more entrenched in their pride.

Please consider the weekend seminar or something similar when you have time.