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— by Tony Tony
Boris, I can spend many hours discussing "we have been given Life and Life abundantly", it is either accepted or not,  We are in full agreement.  By the mere fact by observation of what surrounds us, how anyone in their right mind can have doubt?  Look around you - there is a Universal Law ALWAYS in effect and it works for everyone's good if one can and does tap into It.  The sun rises, the seeds produce food, babies are born, people are healed, "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof, the world and those that dwell therein."  Metaphysically, the word "Lord" means Law or God.  We are NEVER left hanging.  It is more than faith or even belief, IT IS an inner knowingness that regardless of what appears, ALL IS WELL.  Does this mean, at all times, this inner knowingness "light bulb" is on bright?  No, of course not, but there is a pause and re-centering that still says Wisdom is providing us peace and ease for what is showing up as well as moving past whatever the challenge may be.  I have seen "miracles" - or a better way of saying it, the Law in Action, once It is realized.  Grace is always present and waiting for everyone at all times.  

For a response to "the rightful heir showing up" and I am not looking to justify this response, only provide it, rightly or wrongly, I attempted this through the probate court - in private.  I received no response.  This is the frustrating part.  Am I depending on them for my good?  Honestly, yes and no.  When one knocks, the door can not be permanently closed.  Even God does not operate that way, if the prodigal son returns, there is welcoming arms opened wide.  Not complaining just trying then doing.