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First, forget everything you think you know as you are making this WAY to complicated. It is confusing because you are making as such.

One is simply claiming an abandoned piece of property and placing that property within the Church via the "Corporate Sole" ... this way one have an earthly estate to receive their heavenly estate.

When are people going to realize that EVERYTHING-IS-ABANDONED? The "powers that be" are simply trustee to hold the property until the RIGHTFUL heir shows up.

Either one IS the heir or one IS-NOT, that simple.

When they identify one thru that NAME, they are TRYING to give one their earthly estate and either one accepts or one rejects via one's understanding of one's heavenly estate.

How hard is this to comprehend?

Stop looking at the paperwork for comprehension and look inside for understanding: Seek ye first your Kingdom in Heaven and God's righteousness and all else will be added unto thee.
Stop banging your head against a wall that does not exist.
~ Boris

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