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Boris, probably in different words, I would probably understand more of what you wrote.

So I will do my best to translate to see if I get what you are trying to say, because the way you wrote this, I must admit, I am confused, but I may have a clue.

What you are have done is claim the birth document as your property by affidavit [in equity, you have created a “record”.]  The birth document itself represents/evidences a trust – an individual public estate.  The purpose of this individual public estate is to fund current government operations based upon a future “payment”, thus a trust is being created.  Because the birth record or document was sent to you for your authorized exclusive use [for the benefit of the beneficiary, the US], you are the only one who has the authority to provide a signature by accommodation for that entity.  A new record is created -- If there is any presumption that I, the man, am a legal fiction, a name, please know NOW, this is false.  However, based upon the term, John Doe, Corporation Sole, this term or title or status, now provides public notice that this is my status and no other status is considered or valid [another record is created].  You make it clear that you, the man are domiciled in the House of Doe, an ecclesiastic [Christian Church Law] nation similar as stated in the LON – we are as our “own nation” – we are foreign to the United States.  John Doe, corporation soul is not a surety or trustee of the NOW rebutted presumption, JOHN DOE, the entity, an individual public estate where you, as man is presumed to be trustee and surety fof that individual public estate. The two titles or status’ are distinct.   These two but similar titles are defined by creating unrebuttable records.

Here I may be off.  What you are suggesting is that as title holder/authorized signatory of the birth document, John Doe, Corporation Soul, you created a trust, ABC irrevocable living trust, as grantor [now owner of the tile/birth certificate through affidavit] and beneficiary [you surrendered the birth title/usufruct OR property – thus giving equity [credit] into the living trust, [by delivery, assignment, transfer and conveyance – special deposit] THROUGH all the records you have created forming a trust between the man, as naked owner [to his natural rights] who uses the name and the trust [1st party] who oversees the trust operations for this rightful benefit of the beneficiary [naked owner, the man, John Doe, Corporation Soul].  It is similar to a trustee but in fact it is not, it is more like a “trust protector”.  AND the 2nd party, the all cap name, JOHN DOE, a man made person, entity, debtor, etc as grantee [those receiving the equity by delivery and transfer, etc]  NOW trustees [surety], thus naming the proper authorized officials, ie Department of treasury as trustees because they now have the assignment/equity to obliterate and payoff the “war debt, past debt and any future debt” PLUS take care of daily provisions for the beneficiary of the irrevocable trust, thus canceling out “individual public estate or account” to zero, the debits equal credits RE:  John Doe, Corporation Soul irrevocable trust and JOHN DOE, individual public estate.      

Is this in basically in the right neighborhood?  This is somewhat confusing.  And I will tell you why, it is stuck in MY head that whether upper or lower case, I recall the court sees both as a legal fiction, it is the putting the first and last name together that creates the title, NOT the upper and lower case.  But I think I get where you are going, you are defining the status of the man, who is the trust protector, Grantor [assignment and delivery of the equity of the State’s person] and beneficiary – but not surety, AND the trustees and grantees and beneficiaries of the usufruct [deemed as property or man’s natural rights where the public benefits from such “real energy and use”].

OK, if I am in the right neighborhood, can you explain a little more about the trust itself.  I understand it is irrevocable and why – for the purpose that no one can “change the terms”.  I suspect, when operating the irrevocable trust, this would allow you to do transactions for daily provisions.  You, the man are beneficiary and grantor of the irrevocable trust.   I am not sure how you deposit/surrender/deliver/assign the birth document?  This is not done through the UCC1/3 or only by affidavit but I am suspecting it is similar?  

Specifically, when you purchase provisions, you will receive a receipt – do you do anything specific with that receipt?  I am referring, for example turn it over to the trustee of the Person, ie under 12 USC 342 or does the special deposit of the birth document automatically cancel out ALL debts?