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Let's make this as simple as possible:

We created an Irrevocable Living Trust = no one can alter nor amend; one is both beneficiary and trustee of this trust so one can do all works in his name for his glory. This trust is to act as a conduit between Heaven and Earth (Treasury and Public)

We made it a Domestic Trust so the Public Servants; Trustees of the usufruct, can administrate the Trust when a DEBT arises while we operate thru it. The LORD (Storehouse) receives usufruct of the WORKS does in exercise of one's FAITH while one receive the naked ownership over the WORKS while in usufruct of FAITH.

LORD is naked owner over FAITH and as trustee, ensures one REPLENISH-FAITH; fulfill on the usufructuary duties regarding FAITH: keep the commandments, observe natural law, and walk with the Faith of Jesus Christ.

This Trust is "owned" by the House of Last; an ecclesiastical nation, housed within the Kingdom of Heaven based upon Psalm 91.

The Trustee of the Living Trust is a CORPORATE-SOLE aka ALL CAP NAME and is FOREIGN: the recipient or BENEFICIARY of the estate held within the CESTUI QUE TRUST (ALL CAP NAME). This occurs when one is identified by or recognized through "Any Legal Name" because this causes the SSN securities to collapse from the GOVERNOR (CROWN) which then restores LEGAL TITLE to the EQUITABLE INTEREST of the BC Securities held by the TUTOR (VATICAN) which are all then transferred to the Storehouse (Treasury) in exchange for the CREDIT necessary to operate in the world.

One is FOREIGN to the United States because the United States is just some Corporation: a trust asset service provider; a CROWN corporation entrusted with DEBT-COLLECTION  governed by the Constitution of which the US Citizen can not question.

The Living Trust, being DOMESTIC, does not question any debt, in fact, all debt is PRE-PAID via the "surrender of usufructuary interest" from the Living Trust to the LORD and since the ALL CAP NAME is the trustee of the Living Trust, the ALL CAP NAME operates AS-IF it were Jesus Christ.

Remember the STRUCTURE; the FOUNDATION, that has been built:

A communistic (WORKS go into the Storehouse: Jacob, the lot of His Inheritance), socialistic (LORD was to receive the people) foundation, governed and administrated through a fascist shell (administrators (governors and tutors) over the usufruct governing the inheritance: Live or Evil), packaged and sold to the gullible as Freedom of which is in FACT the rejection by His people of their true inheritance in exercise of their Greed in chasing FALSE profits.

The cure for this condition is to cause a FEEDBACK-LOOP by CONVERTING the "RIGHT to PROFIT from the WORKS," or usufruct, instead of EXECUTING the "RIGHT to PROFIT from the FRUIT" by looping the RIGHT back into the foundation for the communist/socialistic foundation has no choice but to ACCEPT for that is the nature of communism/socialism: to accept it all under one roof; the FOUNDATION will execute the will and intent.

This creates a SIN in Satan's world because the ultimate SIN in capitalism is to operate with a 100% loss, with 100% Charity, and one is SO glutinous to act in charity, one's SIN is then GLUTTONY, which is the natural evolutionary point for sin if left unchecked.  

One CONVERTS the Corporate Sole into a Non-Statutory Corporate Sole by the very fact one is operating Ecclesiastically, but which also means one will not PROFIT for all Revenue and Debts accrue to the Treasury. The Corporate Sole, being the Trustee of the Living Trust, operates the Living Trust to ensure the State receive and service the usufruct while the Living Man receive the naked ownership or disposal rights; disposal rights in this case being the usufruct of the Earth granted to mankind by God Almighty and NAKED-OWNERSHIP of all the WORKS created therefrom in exercise of our FAITH in His covenants.

This enables mankind to create any IMAGE/WORLD as a self-evident monument to the Truth of the nature of their God served, but mankind will always be the USUFRUCT of the underwriting FAITH for that is where the resulting WORKS originate from which mankind governs himself.

~ Boris

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims;
Resistance is futile.

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