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— by Tony Tony
I also have another question -- and this is meant specifically with regard to public officials and how they conduct business.  I have shared previously, that I can to this study basically through studying spiritual principles FIRST, I hold personal value to what I have learned and continue to learn.  It is a journey.  

But here is my long about question:  Public officials look at themselves as god here on earth, basically atheistic.  They suggest God, but actually DO the opposite of his teaching and commands.  I fully get, they are in place to help us "get who are real daddy is".  

In all our paperwork we mention God/Jesus as our core deeply held belief and that under the first amendment, "shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof", OK, what does our belief or no belief really have to do with them?  It is clear they are godless by the mere fact they intentionally ignore the commands of God PLUS they falsely profit on top of the usufruct.  

If the paperwork is all about trust with all the parties, grantor, beneficiary and trustee, how does the mention of God benefit or not benefit our paperwork?  They are godless [even with an end purpose of God or our good, go beyond this point] and they can ONLY recognize dead paper to do their "business".

I hope I have made this clear.  For me, of course, I put more than my faith in God, it is a KNOWINGNESS, regardless of this illusion on planet earth, ALL IS WELL.  I sincerely mean this and attempt to "consciously practice this" even when faced with shit.  My point is OK, everything is a trust.  Great, let us do trust.  God is not going to administrate the trust, that is not His job.  They are going to administrate the trust AS TRUSTEE, that IS THEIR JOB, regardless of my belief, faith or knowingness of my strongly held belief system.  

See my point?  It is just to see the group's thoughts on this.