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To understand the docs you still have to come to grips with the one reality:

When one is identified by ALL CAP NAME or by an ALL CAP NAME, one is being addressed AS-IF one were dead and under the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666, when the one presumed dead shows up Live, then the estate of the presumed dead re-vests within the one so identified.

One creates an Irrevocable Living Trust of which expresses the Resulting Trust held within the Cestui Que Trust which then would serve as the Law under which the Trust operates when administrated and the State (Storehouse) is the beneficiary of of the usufruct of all WORKS done while one exercises their FAITH.

The NAME itself is TRANSFORMED into a Corporate Sole by the one using it so it be Live to receive the Spirit of the one operating it and if the one operating it has Christ Consciousness within their Heart, then NAME takes on the Spirit of Jesus Christ and operates accordingly; the INSTRUMENT takes effect according to it tenor and purpose; will and intent: the Intention of the Parties is the Soul of the Instrument.

The other issue is: what did you expect?

Most of the issues you are having are exactly the same one we experienced: We kept knocking on closed doors. Now, we don't, we just operate. We TRUST and have FAITH in the WORKS we have done using the FOUNDATION provided by Jesus Christ.
~ Boris

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