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— by hector hector
Agreed... I will respect... I believe I have?

I agree on some points with you, they are very valid... all I ask is whether you read the life of Jesus as a story or a reality... it is not fearmongering to see the end from the beginning.


The beginning of this Nation, this great America the beautiful, was with a sacrifice right? Or are we to ignore what occurred with the FOUNDING FATHERS? Okay, are we not the ones making the Great Sacrifice?  I agree with you in many things Boris... and if you look at the life of Jesus did he not sweat tears of blood in "Olivet"?

It's okay... both sides have been honored... I appreciate your point of view, and even though, you might not agree with everything I said... IT WAS NECESSARY... Both sides of the account must be DISCLOSED... FULL DISCLOSURE!!!

How can you appreciate the LIGHT without first traveling through the DARKNESS... YIN AND YANG!!!

"And Ahab said unto Elijah... art thou he that TROUBLETH ISRAEL... and Elijah said, I  have not TROUBLED ISRAEL, but thou and thine that hast broken God's Commandments"

Thank you for allowing me to speak on YOUR FORUM!!!