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Is the UCC applicable in the UK

been trying recently to find any remanences of the UCC within British legislature. Apparently there are mentions of the UCC by the House of Lords and apparently the UCC has been incorporated within the Banking Act and the Uniform Negotiable Instruments Act for us Britz

I wrote my own financial statement based on the UCC Financing statement in 2014 but did not feel comfortable with using their form

This was sent to, form top to bottom, The Vatican, UN, Archbishop, UK Govn't and departments, SoS for Wales, LOcal Gov't and recorded in Birth records
This was sent with Peace Treaty (gift of Usufruct etc), Waiver, Declaration and Will of Intention

To date only the Home office have acknowledged my 'letter' - to which i corrected the HO that i sent a notice.

At the moment - lots of deaf ears
Although The maxim of law is Qui tacet consentiret: "Silence gives consent".

So, although i believe i have traveled through the 'eye of the needle' in paperwork, i the man, seem to have no safe harbor or freedom while the system decides to let the man through
Life is for living and the art to being free