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— by hector hector
Please think with me... let's put "WHATEVER" to the side:

When we write to the Government... we are kings!
When the Government writes to us... they are KINGS!

They sent a Birth Certificate, at our request, so, they humbled themselves to the "Flesh and Blood" kings.

The flesh and blood kings are holding hostage the Government SUBSTANCE...
The Government surrendered to men THEIR:

1. Beneficiary
3. Faith
4. Forgiveness

Title is everything with Government right? Okay, since Government has honored us, and we in turn, have did-honored, have we not declared war upon Government.

Now, government has justifiable cause of action to complain as 'PLAINTIFF' at the World Court stating that it has been BETRAYED by SOVEREIGN MEN, and that it cannot possible FULFILL its duties to the CREDITORS IN THE BANKRUPTCY.

The clash is no longer a TITAN VS. TITAN since men have taken their weapon of WAR and are using it against them.

Now, the World Court will order a strike against the SOVEREIGNS in defense of the helpless Government who is only attempting to do what is RIGHT, and has been prevented by USE OF FORCE by the so called SOVEREIGN MEN AND WOMEN.

Their Sovereignty has now been surrendered to the World Court, since the U.S. Government has surrendered to it all of its "BENEFITS AND PRIVILEGES"... and now, the World Court has jurisdiction over the MEN WITH SLAUGHTER WEAPONS... the Sovereigns who have declared war on the One World Government that they themselves are supposed to FUND.

We are truly out of our senses if we don't see the BIG PICTURE in all of this... WE ARE AT FAULT... but there is time to correct... please, please listen... WE MUST SURRENDER THOSE CHECKS... IT'S THE ONLY WAY OUT OF THIS... BY GOING IN.

Can you not see it... this is getting more complicated by the minute!!!