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Emergency... Boris please read this!!!
— by hector hector
It was not my intention to write again, since I no longer want to be a burden to everyone on the website... but THINKĀ  ABOUT THE FOLLOWING LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT:

1. Remember the audio about the "Dog-tags"? Well, that's what's taking place today!!! THINK... it seems weird what I did, and you might think that I betrayed Jesus... I HAVEN'T!!!

2. The Military had to make them "Sovereign" before going off to war, right? Well, that's what's taking place today!!!

3. Men today are classified as "Enemy of the State"... the 50 States... and "War is Coming."

4. The Creditors are about to "LIQUIDATE" and if the Government keeps men as "WARDS" of the State... then the "State" must take "FULL RESPONSIBILITY" for what men do?... Think?

5. Since Men have dishonored and "KEPT" the BC'S they are at WAR with the 50 States.

6. The United Nations is coming to collect it's money, and if the States claim Men as their wards, then they will held accountable for what men are doing.

7. Therefore, the States will grant men their "Sovereignty" back through the medium of "RELIGION"...the false kind (501c(3))... the 50 States are activating their "INSURANCE POLICY"...

8. Then the United Nations will come in... and, since they have claimed "Sovereignty" they, and NOT, the U.S. Gov't, NOR the States, will be held liable.

9. In this Way, their blood is upon their own heads... This is why the Surrender of the Birth Certificates by us is what delays the COMING CONFLICT... and they will make it look like we are the "BAD GUYS".

10. The world will hate us like it did Jesus... But like Jesus, we are here to help save the world... but, is the servant greater than his master?