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— by Tony Tony
OK, sorry not to understand everything so good.  

It just so happens today at "church", the entire discussion was about "faith can move mountains", so on that aspect of this info, I do understand.  

Now that I understand that the "name is irrelevant", which going back to my studies, this was the foundation, I can move past this now.    

I just reviewed what I did last year in February - where I hand delivered 36 pages to Broward County probate judge, Mark Speiser - my letter was sincere and to the point.  The gist of the letter was to have my "postlimy" changed - with a willingness to do "equity" - all through a private communication with the judge.

This package included a 3 page letter, authenticated BC, Affidavit of Life, CJS vol 33 #16, Cestui que Vi Trust Act 1666, and various Statutes at large info.  I got no response.  I even tried this last year under the "Jubilee of Mercy" that ended Nov 20, 2016.  One priest clearly thought I was nuts, the other one, through the secretary would not even talk to me, said I should go to an attorney.

I suspect like many of us, and you too Boris, I just wish we could "really understand this stuff".  Some of my prior paperwork is not all that far from yours, so I am in the right neighborhood, just the wrong town.  

Boris, all your hard work is appreciated, thanks