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— by Gavilan Gavilan
Odd how we think in terms of spiritual terms when dealing with real consequences on this reality.

The reality is that there is a group of individuals that figure out how to pull the wool over the others' eyes.

There is no free lunch in this existence though.

Think about what is it that those that run the system have figure out.

Usury, how to issue ephemeral units of account and charge interest on them by making the rest of the people trade their time/labor in exchange for those units.

Then we have the other constraints of this existence, for example, no two things can occupy the same time and space. If you try to put two or more things on the same time and space you get a very violent reaction.

My point is this, all we are doing in effect is finding ways to figure out what those that run the system have already done. The fundamental difference between them and others is that they are willing to exterminate and have no qualms about it. They abort or give up their own flesh and blood without remorse. Think about it, if they are willing to do that to their own offspring, what aren't they willing to do to you or I.

So, they questions of God are given to God on the other realm, and we give ourselves here what is due to us here.

In other words, push back and practice self defense. I am willing to bet that they will honor your rights here only if they are compelled to do so because you have the means and the force to defend them.