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— by Gavilan Gavilan

I don't know man, from my perspective you are looking like just another charlatan with all your mumbo jumbo.

Things have become more simplified to me. For example:

1. Fact, there is this planet we are floating on.
2. If there was only one of us, there would not be any dispute as to ownership and proportion.
3. If there are two of us, there is the fact of proportion to being 1/2 to each, and the matter of ownership.
4. If these two want to live in peace, they can agree to live in peace in equal measure or one surrenders to the other. If not, one is to be master and the other slave.
5. This holds true as you add individuals.

After pondering this for a while, I came to realize that those that do not wish to respect others will have to be eliminated by those that wish to live in peace. There is an irony in all that. God I am sure knows all about it, a very cruel joke indeed.