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Hector, I suspect many of us in this forum DO have more than a reasonable understanding of what you are saying.  I can speak for me only, I came to this study by intense spiritual study first and then it moved toward "the legal" aspect.  No question in my mind that consciousness has created the illusion of un-reality solely for the purpose to journey back to Reality.  We either learn through Love or pain.  The choice is ours, based upon the "gift" of free will.  

With all this said, I have released, surrendered, delivered, assigned, conveyed, etc all "the presumed potential claims" to this fiction person commonly referred to as a "name" to and for the account of the Untied States.  I have corresponded, noticed and too have questioned at various levels of "authority" from the Catholic church down to the local county probate judge, mostly in private, some recorded after no response and notice went into default.  All I received back from a multitude of "surrendering" was nothing.   Yes, I did go to Jacob Lew too a few times as well.  Zero.  

If you have some sort of "protocol for getting us through the door", I am sure we would be grateful to know which specific door.  Who knows, maybe I knocked at the wrong door?  I caution, as I agree with Boris, it is not about copying someone else's work OR even trying to "get away with something".  I hope many of us are past this thinking.  What would be great is to find which door exactly to go through because quite honestly once I bridged the spiritual with the illusion [BTW, it was not easy at first] - a dime light bulb came on and I did my best to put forward my best understanding of what is.  Even to my understanding to turn over all checks to the PTB, with faith and trust in the Divine based upon the last line of the Declaration of Independence states:  "And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor."

If you have specific info that you can share, maybe this would help us move along the journey easier.