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a brilliant happenstance of typing that you included in your post

"The ONLY difference between the Untied States....."


my comprehension of things :

The “loan” from the IMF is “front-end loaded”  i.e. the infant has no present value as contributor, well statistically, the current present value is negative, since it consumes more than it produces, yet the infant has potential, it has a future value, and an investment in the infants potential [schooling, health care, municipal infrastructure…] is made today for fruits of tomorrow.

In this world, the IMF is GOD, it is IMF stuff that is being used – monetary value -  the dust of the IMF world from which all created in said world results.  Get your own dust, and man did, man created an alternate world, based upon the perfect model, that of the ever-living God.

Read Genesis 1:1 to 2:4 inclusive.  That is the written constitution of God’s world.  You are incorporated into God’s creation by your presence on God’s earth; both being God’s creations.

YOU are incorporated into the legal system world by your presence as an inhabitant on a territory, a territory surveyed and claimed as part of the legal construct known as “The Municipality of ______”  that is the constitution, the formation of said legal entity. [or City of ___ or State of ___].  And YOU has a survey as well, evidenced by the document styled Birth Certificate, certain surveyed measures appear there, yeah?

Life is more understandable when you look to the original blueprint for the operation of the “knock-offs”.  The knock-off known as “the world” functions very well because it is patterned upon the divine model of the master creator, God.  

God created everything, and laid claim to it, published the constitution of it, and associated regulations, and left notice on a lot of pews and pretty much in every motel room of North America, so that You could be aware of what you are a part of.

This world GOD mirrored these divine acts, so that YOU can read the Constitution of what YOU are part of.