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— by iamsomedude iamsomedude
It is only "Merika-centric" because people do not realize that America is a TRUST and everyone on Earth has an estate within this trust, they have just yet to claim.

The BC from another country operates exactly the same way as it does in the United States.

The BC STILL registers and records an interest of that country; evidence of a TAXPAYER so the country can receive loans and other subsidies from the IMF. This renders whomever that has one as the one holding the usufructuary interest because the BC was registered and recorded in a state of infancy.

The ONLY difference between the Untied States and the rest of the world: the rest of the world uses the UN Treaties and such to access the trust as the UN is the TRUSTEE for all public offices of the United States have been transferred the the UN. The Human and Political Rights Treaty is basically a mash-up of the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence, some other US Laws and other English Common Law, sprinkled and peppered with international conventions.

The UN Treaties I would start to look into would be Convention of Salvage, Human and Political Rights, Hague, Red Cross, Geneva, and Lieber Code; Lieber Code being a foundation document. All of those will lead you to the same path those currently in the United States will follow to lead you out of Babylon.

Every current nation of Earth is a TRUSTEE and every nation has "laws" enacted to operate as such and protect the beneficiaries of the Cestui Que; just pray unto our Father who art in Heaven for guidance.
~ Boris

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