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"Thing" now, "what" Later?

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When the Treasury moves back to an asset backed currency, what happens to asking about the "Thing" demanded for payment?

Well, this actually morphs into "Treasury Warrant," thus the collection attempt would first have to originate from the Treasury and there must be an audit/accounting so certified for the collection and enforcement of debt to be valid because there is no debt as all stands forgiven and any further collection attempt is merely an "Adverse enticement" to "solicit" one's repudiation of one's Covenant with our Father thru Christ (ie: like Satan tried to do with Christ in the desert) because one is only liable for sins or transgressions against those Covenants and the beneficiary of all WORKS is the Treasury and the Treasury is usufructuary of one's WORKS which means Treasury gets to maximize profits of the WORKS while the one working against the covenants bears the burdens of the transgressions, not against the Treasury, but against God, and thus subject unto the LORD of hosts for that would be the "ordained government".

~ Boris

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims;
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