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public officials

Boris, you are a saint. I know, a lot of questions. I listen to your audios (have downloads on phone with ear phone in ear all day), read your postings, etc. Have been working on my mind for quite some time. Have done no paperwork but this is my year to step out and do so.
Something I have been involved with for quite a while here in Mt. involves water rights issues. Involves municipal corporations set up to administer federal irrigation project that deliver water to 130,000 acres for agricultural purposes. I have some of those acres.
That water costs tax $ for administration and for operation and maintenance which the municipal corporation submits to the county for collection on the property tax bill.
The "land owners" were and are also responsible for the construction costs of the project since 1910. Said to have been paid off in 2010 or there abouts.
My question is this; if I were a public official what could I do differently, if anything. Could I as an official "accept" certain negotiable instruments for honor and deposit them so as to eliminate the attachments to the tax bill?
Also, in the deed this water right is spelled out along with a 1st position lien held by the fed govt. If I were to accept this deed for honor and endorse it over would something change as far as the taxing or as far as the enforcement of the delivery of water?
Really appreciate the fact that you are out there and that you have been willing tom put forth your understandings. I am slow but it does sink in and my perspective has been changed forever. Thanks man
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Re: public officials


Here is what many people do not comprehend.

When a state is admitted into the Union, ALL property rights are "suspended" and the Federal Government puts a Lien upon those lands and all property on those lands in the name of the people. This puts everything into the Declaration Trust.

After this is done, all the original property rights are then "restored" with one exception, the Land is now territory and the people have to volunteer individually into the Compact with the States. tHis was the result of the Civil War and one can read about what happens when one accepts the Constitution that was put into place after the Civil War in the Attorney General Opinion of 1868.

Right now, the people are having issues and problems with the local governments because the people have yet to become "The People" associated with the Posterity for the people themselves have yet to ACCEPT the Declaration and complete the transfer of the interest initiated at Birth.

I know it sounds like bullshit and people are like "I don't answer to anyone" and all of this posturing, but here is the bottom line:

Man kicked God Almighty from the garden, but the LORD remained, and this is the resulting world, so now we have to undo what we did and this is part of the undoing. We must work our way back to God Almighty, we must climb out of the hole we dug and crawl thru the mud and grime of our crapulence so that we may kneel before our Father and cry out ABBA, Father : Please forgive me for thinking I knew better.

~ Boris

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims;
Resistance is futile.

If you think you can, you are correct.
If you think you can't, you are correct.