The Art of Raw

The philosophy of Sun Tzu appears appropriate in this matter:
  1. “Know your enemy and know yourself and in 100 battles you will never be in peril.” – intelligence is key.

  2. “To win 100 battles is not the height of skill – To subdue the enemy without fighting is.” – outwit your opponent

  3. “Avoid what is strong. Attack what is weak.” – do not go head to head in battles

Sun Tzu helps teach us to know our self, to know our strengths, our weaknesses and what we are capable of doing on the battlefield. He constantly reminds us it’s as important to cultivate a deep fundamental understanding of our adversaries so that we can better achieve our objectives. That is powerful and timeless!

For instance:

Anderson's Dictionary of Law 1893 – Fiction
  • That which is feigned; assumed; pretended. The legal assumption that is true which is or may be false; an assumption of an innocent and beneficial character, made to advance the ends of justice; An allegation in legal proceedings that does not accord with the actual facts; and which may therefore be contradicted for every purpose except to defeat the beneficial purpose for which the fiction is allowed.

    Fictions of law are highly beneficial and useful; especially as "no fiction extends to work an injury:" the proper operation is to prevent mischief or remedy an inconvience that might result from a general rule. The maxim is, in fictione juris semper subsistit aequitas - in a fiction of law equity always subsists; a legal fiction is consistent with justice.But not admitted, where life, liberty, or personal safety is in jeopardy .... Fiction makes several corporations out of what is really one, in order to give each State control over the charters it grants.

There is a beneficial purpose behind that FICTION but you CHOOSE to remaim ignorant of that purpose and

.... wait for it

.... here it comes

in a fiction of law, equity always subsists

and if you going to abandon the FICTION because of your prejudices, you choose to not even attempt to explore new ideas and trains of thought to enable your growth and someone else will use that of which you abandoned ...

oh wait, they already have. They are called Bankers and Lawyers: the Synagogue Of Satan, and they are COUNTING ON you to EMBRACE IGNORANCE and BANKNG you will REFUSE to even explore new ideas and concepts and CHOOSE to fail to comprehend the mindset of the "enemy" ... choosing to go into a "battle of wits" as an unarmed opponent; another steak on the table by choice and consent; another jellyfish and beast of burden, trainer of the same.

Do not be another crack head telling themself crack doesn't exist in order to give up crack.

“The winning army realizes the conditions for victory first, then fights – The losing army fights first then seeks victory.” – Sun Tzu

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