Boris: ok, here is the one fatal flaw in whatever you all are discussing:

In 1864, the Government, it an act of divine wisdom and providence, PURCHASED everything the people will ever do with their life and thus freed the people from the slavery known as “money” but the people we really never properly informed. To this day, every birth registration does not register and record the people, it creates an estate within the Union created by way of the Declaration of Independence (an international trust within the Law of Nations) and an interface device (NAME) and established an account (Social Security Account) to “account for” one’s use of this property and we are the “end user” …the NAKED OWNER

The “end user agreement” is that all one will ever do with this property was to be delivered by way of pledge (surrender of the usufruct or fruit of one’s time) to the Treasury in order the nation have the assets to ensure the government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall never perish from this earth.

The “end user” would have all they needed to do whatever it is they were going to do with their life, provided the one did not injure anybody: govern thy self, ie: the golden rule.

In other words, instead of having “liens against the property of the people” (ie: federal reserve notes) affecting future interests (ie: your grandchildren), the nation would have actual assets to settle its debts so it could fulfill on the purpose behind the self-evident truth behind creation of the government: protection and defense of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness instead of wasting its time and resources on debt collection against the people in service of the liens imposed by the acts and actions of the people via their TRADING WITH THE ENEMY.

A funny thing happened along the way, the people, never completed the delivery on a contract they did not really know was in place, thus have become embroiled in “controversy” (WAR) via “quasi-contract” as “quasi-trustee” of a “tort against the contract” (via TRADING WITH THE ENEMY ACT) for we use this property, but service this property using FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES, which serves to put liens against the property and services of the people in their private capacity, thus mortgages the future and places them inside an “unincorporated association of estates” (a threat to the health of the nation) for they are using the “currency” (currency is king) of “foreigners” (federal reserve) which is GOVERNED under Article IV Section 3, via FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES and TRADING WITH THE ENEMY ACT, of the US Constitution for the Government acquired interest in property and land via the 1864 Banking Act and Article 1 Section 8 Clause 17 thru exercise of Article 1 Section 8 clause 10 of the US Constitution.

And it appears people have been and still are operating under the presumption the "contract" or "trust" has been "finalized" in form and function, when in fact delivery has never occurred... it was done in a "state of infancy" ... and at common law, the acts of an infant are voidable and equity will not complete an incomplete gift if an act is void at common law. So, we must first "complete the delivery" through the "acceptance and surrender": a "voluntary servitude"

acceptance of the "terms" of the "purchase": State as usufructuary (Article 55 of the Hague) taking the property subject to the defenses of Declaration for one (inhabitant using this property) is the "corpus" or "subject" of the usufruct and when one is done using a "property", it reverts back to the State so the State can "sell" and use the proceeds to reduce the public debt: assignment of the reversion(securing public order and safety: Article 43 of the Hague)

surrender of the "consideration": usufructuary interest in service of the "future interest" or "security" is surrendered in acceptance of the "warranty gift deed" of "safe harbor": secures the person in public while engaging in "commerce" while the State gets the "proprietorship"; entitled to the benefits and subject to the liabilities.

Reversionary Interest Definition: Any interest, vested or contingent, the enjoyment of which is postponed.

Seisin in law …."Livery" (or delivery) by "seisin in law" occurred when the parties to the transaction went within sight of the land to be conveyed and the transferor declared to the recipient that possession had been granted. This constituted however only an incomplete conveyance. (such as "birth event registration”)

The phrase "to sue one's livery" refers to the formal recognition of a noble's majority, in exchange of payment, for conferring the powers attached to his title, and thereby freeing him from dependence as a ward: "Reversionary Interest" is the "payment" to be "exchanged" to "confer the power attached to the title" and "free from dependence as a ward"

"Delivery includes surrender and acceptance, and both are necessary to its completion. This must be the result of a contract — the meeting of two minds, the accord of two wills. The grantor must be willing and agree to deliver, and the grantee must be willing and consent to receive and this accord of wills must be evidenced in some way, to show the unequivocal intention of both parties that the instrument shall take effect according to its purport and tenor." … 15 Idaho at 228-229, 96 P. at 938 (emphasis added)

"A person is said to be a usufructuary or to enjoy a usufruct in property in which he has an interest of a special kind for life or some lesser period" - JAG manual Law of Belligerent Occupation

"an occupant administering real estate may simply safe guard the capital by preventing creditors from attaching the property” – JAG manual Law of Belligerent Occupation

and the State has ALREADY agreed under 12 USC 95b for when the "person" is registered, it is immediately used to "collateralize" the nation debt; thus the pernancy of the usufruct and use therefrom is realized benefit creating an obligation under international law ... its evidence is $$$ bills in circulation.

Article 1 section 8 Clause 17 exercise creating a contract with "the one registered" or "inhabitant" or "receipt holder for the event" under Article 1 Section 10 resulting in a "public debt obligation" under 14th amendment for service of the "property interest" so acquired, which shall never be questioned

creating a "more perfect union": a merger or consolidation of one's interests with that of "the State"

a marriage

a union

and let no man tear asunder

DW: is that not the end result of the so called "Birth Certificate"?

B: it is ... but not until "delivery" is complete for until then, it is an "empty shell"

DW: when is delivery complete?

B: when it is ... try contacting the SoS and ask them who the registred foreign agent [government official] is in charge of this entity and have them forward your acceptance of the purchase ...

B: right now, we are being treated as "usufructuary" under "quasi-contract" and "quasi-trustee"

B: because we never "surrendered equity" into that "trust vessel"

DW: what happens when you resign from that position of agent for that corporation?

B: a guy in england was told by a judge when he tried to invoke equity in a foreclosure hearing:

you had equity but never surrendered it

B: you were never the agent

B: did you agree to be?

M: is'nt that "Remitter"

B: what evidence does anyone have one is an "agent"?

DW: he is carrying the bc

B: so

<<< what evidence does anyone have one is an "agent"?

B: the Bc is just an "indemnity receipt" showing one is NOT the registrant thus not benefiicary

you DO NOT want to be the beneficiary

S: <<< the Bc is just an "indemnity receipt" showing one is NOT the registrant thus not beneficiary


B: for NAME is just a "usufructuary interest"

DW: the BC is no different that the first page of the incorporation papers that you get when you ask the sos to create a llc for you

DW: that first page is the birth certificate of that created entity

B: exactly ... so, who is the registered agent?

because one can not incorporate UNTIL there is a registered agent thus .. your interests have yet to be incorporated within the union

M: I recon one would have to register the NAME as a dba

DW: you become the RA when you start using the documents

B: bullshit

that is just a presumption

DW: you get a dl, you get a ss card

B: that NAME is just a "franchise" ... does one sue McDonalds by going down to the local coner one?

DW: I would recomend that you take a look at the vedio that I just posted up above, they spell it out pretty clearly...

B: who?

did they take into account international law or are they operating under the presumption "they took our shit"?

DW: they are talking about making changes to the law, they are the folks who wrote the changes

B:i listened to these guys

they are administrating the usufruct

because that is what all courts are: administrative

DW: yes

you are NOT the agent

you are at most the "operator"

and you hold "as extracted collateral interest" ..

B:because the certificate is issued by the debtor or state for the receipt for purchase [taking by way of pledge]

B: complete the purchase thru delivery of the pledge [usufructuary interest thru the reversion] which has already been "secured" by Social Security and of which then also reverts the enemy of the state status back to the state, collapsing that "trust"

C:: How many "trust" are involved here?

B: who cares ... the only thing i concern myself with is "completing delivery" because i know everything else will take care of itself it has no choice but to

C: purpose of the question is to clarify your statement sometime back that you did not want to collaspe the trust

V: http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/wa/consol_reg/npr1967324/

V: https://consult.justice.gov.uk/digital-communications/draft-rules-in-relation-to-non-contentious-probate

B: because the system is a masculine energy and the act of surrender is a feminine aspect and now the masculine has something to protect and defend while the feminie energy provides nurture and growth of that masculine ...

flipping the ship to get out of the land of the dead ... just like in the Pirates of Carribean ... we got flipped into the "land of the dead" and now we need to flip our way out again.

the slinky effect ;)

C:: TY...helps a lot

B: a court only has jurisdiction in the event of a controversy .... so, they way to avoid court is to quash the controversy ...

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