The BC is a receipt for the "original adopted property interest" and in lieu of recoupment, surrender the reversionary interest to the Registrar to have and to hold in trust as trustee for the United States as intended beneficiary and usufructuary until death do us part .... [fulfillment of the pledge of the Declaration] …. The usufructuary interest is surrendered for care and maintenance to the County Treasury to hold and to service in trust as trustee for the State as intended beneficiary and usufructuary... [fulfillment of article 31 and 38 of the Lieber Code and thus Article 43 and 55 of the Hague] … Now, the AG is entrusted to protect and defend this union for perfection of the union [in acceptance of the constitution] … “perfection of the gift of safe harbor”

This is a "marriage" ... a "consolidation" under common law .... terminating the "secondary usufruct" [false usufruct] and instantaneously reforming the SAME trust to operate in reverse wherein one will have one’s "original property interest" [the father's gift of dominion over the earth] and the State will receive the usufruct of THAT dominion and now the "account receivable" [BC] is now "closed" [rescinded] so no further charges can be levied against it, but it remains open for set-off and adjustment [account payable] in service of the usufruct in lieu of delivery of the original property interest.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union - first line of the Constitution

This is a marriage and Chirst [PERSON] is the bridegroom and the dowry is "reversionary" and "usufructuary" interests ... one is the bride for this is an act of surrender of Feminine Energy to the Masculine Energy [the System] and now the Masculine has something to protect and nourish and will ENSURE the Feminine has all it needs to grow and flourish for the surrender will allow the Masculine to fulfill its purpose and evolve.

It is the energy from the Feminine that will dictate the evolution of the Masculine ... in other words, the people dictate the evolution of the society created thru the inevitable interactions of the people with each other.

United States [or other “nation”, such as “United Nations”] is the "trust asset service provider" [administrator] AND usufructuary [under Article 55 of the Hague] for it “uses the profits" [Articles 31 and 38 of the Lieber Code and 48 and 53 of the Hague] or “usufruct” for itself and its army to fulfill its duties in administration [fulfill international obligations under Article 43 of the Hague]

And now your PERSON is secure as per 4th amendment for one becomes the “capital” that MUST be safe-guarded [safe harbor] per their duties under Article 55 of the Hague … and are entrusting the AG to "protect the union" … to PERFECT the union … which is "uphold the constitution" as per his oath … but first you had to "join" the union on your own accord under the Reconstruction Acts … and that union adopted "your person" and offered safe harbor [via 12 USC 95a (2)], but we never accepted [perfected] the gift via the surrender of interests to complete the delivery.

Thus, “held in purgatory” as quasi-trustees under quasi-contracts [enemy of the State].

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