Current Decedent

the US Tax codes refer to a current decedent ....which is every “living dead thing” who has no SSN and "transacts" with the "infant" now because the tax is on the transfer of taxable estate of which is property of the "decedent estate" as the "decedent" without the SSN is owner of the trust where the transaction occurs and the tax is on the valuation of the transfer....It is all in the now and current.

This is the administration of the usufruct (exemption) as all of commerce is dependent on the life and estate of the infant.

A decedent is one who is dying and the SSN + Infant = vessel ready to receive the "spirit of life" or "not decedent"

so, when an employer "forces" one to fill out a W-2 or W-4 or be denied "employment", the employer is "demanding" one either state "infant" is a “decedent” or one "pledges" to gift "valuation" of "time spent in labor" because this is what "payroll taxes" are all based upon, a W-2 and a W-4; which are both "gift and estate" forms

or when a credit card company "cancels a debt" via 1099-C, the credit card company must "account for the transfer" and it will be considered as "income" to the "decedent estate" for the valuation of the transfer as “decedent” is "owner" of the trust where the transaction takes place.

or when a mortgage company files a 1099-A, the mortgage company must "account for the transfer" and the "decedent estate" is liable for the valuation of the transfer resulting from the trust as “decedent” is “owner” of the trust where the transaction takes place.

And "decedent" is the one without the SSN or the "one in need of "life energy" (money or securities; a usufructuary)

Cancelation of a debt is a "capital gain" for the CC Company as is the acquisition of "abandoned property" as is any transaction with the “infant estate” for all are accounting for the valuation of the transfer of securities from one estate to another within the confines of a trust.

and right now, they are passing those off to the "infant estate" because they went looking for the infant in the last known location which is One because One is using the "property" of the "infant" so One must know where the infant is which is just a "footprint symbol" denoting its existence, which is found in the hospital records or provided as infant is now age of majority.

But if One "withholds" that information, under International Maritime Law, that "infant" will be "presumed dead" and One now becomes "executor de son tort" over the "decedent infant estate" for the concealment which is a "fraud" and since one cannot profit from one's own fraud, One no longer has access to the "infant decedent's estate" and One is liable for the tax on the valuation of the transfer for "decedent infant" is going to be considered "owner" of the trust where the "contractual considerations are exchanged" in the form of interests and the tax is on the "valuation of the exchange" or "transfer of taxable estate" from one "decedent" to another.

And as "owner" of the trust, the trust becomes "property" of the "decedent's estate" and the "executor" (One) is going to be held liable under 26 USC 2002.

Now, if One provided the location of the infant, then the "decedent without the SSN" or "corporation" would then be "owner" of the trust and CEO would then be liable under 26 USC 2002 for the tax which is "paid" out of the "decedent's estate" or "corporate treasury"

And this presumption of death of the infant can be easily rebutted by pointing the one bringing the claim to the State File Number containing the original certificate of live birth, or to the Hospital Record, or provide a “footprint” which is “symbolic” of the infant’s “existence” as "the spirit" must enter the "infant" to "animate" it in the "paper world" or "give it life" and the footprint is the evidence of the "spirit's existence" but no one can ever see the "infant" for it is only a "spirit"; the footprint is a "symbol" the “infant” exists.

We are all executors over "stewardship of the earth" with all the other trustees (gods) to ensure all the beneficiaries (society: a resulting trust) have everything needed to administrate this resulting trust (rule) for the beneficiaries (citizens) made in our IMAGE or NAME.

NAME is a "vessel" erected by the "pagans" to receive "spirit of god", but if one does not "know" this, then one is one of the "pagans" and is considered a "living dead thing" or "zombie" because until NAME receives "the spirit" or "life", it is a "tombstone" or "advertisement that is most often used in the financial industry, where a particular transaction, such as an initial public offering or placement of stock of a company, is formally announced. This is done in a form that discloses the participants in a specified order according to their role in underwriting or brokering the transaction" and if one has no clue, then one is the "decedent" or "sacrifice to the god" for whom the “vessel" was created.

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