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If you are going to use international law ... go all the way.

private adoption. An adoption that occurs independently between the biological mother (and sometimes the biological father) and the adoptive parents without the involvement of an agency. •A private adoption is usu. arranged by an intermediary such as a lawyer, doctor, or counselor.

Legal custody — though sometimes not physical custody — remains with the biological parent or parents until the termination and adoption are complete. — Also termed private-placement adoption; direct-placement adoption; direct adoption; gray-market adoption; identified adoption;

Private Placement

Release of Expectancy

Ok, so property is transferred to the state under an "adoption agreement" (ColB) with "mother" as "informant" and "doctor" as "receiver" ...

the "doctor" in his "private practice" then "privately places" the "adopted property" with the state, thus the property/security transfer is "exempt" under Securities Act 1933 from "registration" ...

The State then issues a "private placement security" in the form of a BC for use to settle the debts of all accounts for its "adopted property" in fulfillment of duties under Hague Article 55 and Hague article 43 for the extension of hospitality obligation incurred under Article 104 of Law of Nations Book 2 by issuance of this "security" to "afford perfect security" by way of extension of martial law under Article 7 of Lieber Code.

we being foreigners (adopted) can now choose to assist the nation during these times of emergency or we can choose to ignore ... either way we fulfill duties as a foreigner under book 2 Article 105 Law of Nations and as long as we keep to our duties to our origin-nation (our Father/Creator) we can do anything we want to assist as our person and property have been adopted by the State of Birth (independent nation under 1783 Treaty) for use by that State (custodial trustee: title holder) in fulfillment of duties to the US Treasury (managing trustee) in order United States has enough “collateralization” to ensure is debts, duties, and obligations to other nations and entities are fulfilled.

The NAME we use is a "custodial trustee" within the State of Residence which is "managing trustee" of the title held in abeyance per article 31 of Lieber Code, but since we originate from "nature" or a "foreign jurisdiction", our person and property always remains ours, so we are managing trustee of our person and property and the State of Birth/Residence is the custodial trustee with the United States the intended beneficiary … but only when we accept what is ... the estate in the union and matching estate in the agency of the US with an account established for such purpose ... or we can continue to use our ass as the surety.

Now remember, there is a duality in play which means there are TWO DEATHS to overcome in this existence: the presusmption and the actual.

The presumption of death = abandonment which occurs due to operation of 1666 Cestui Que Vie Act where in we were "lost as sea" or "confused" ... this is the symbolic "death of an age" due to the transition from the age of confusion surrounding Pisces to the putting back together of the container or vessel to carry the spirit of intent into the age of Aquarius: breathe life back into the land by the water-bearers (christ consciousness within) pouring the life-blood (truth) onto the seeds so the new kingdom may begin to grow ... also symbolic of one coming to age of majority from a state of infancy.

The actual death occurs when one leaves this current state of existence. In this world of delusion (scare city: fear of abundance: manufactured lack), the inheritence one inherits is "debt" which is then passed down from generation to generation. When one releases the expectancy, one is merely giving up claim to THAT inheritence, the debt. When one assigns the reversion, one is merely NOT allowing the debt to pass from current generation to the next ... basically "converting" the "heathens" or "lovers of debt/sin" back to "god" or 0 (true inheritence: universal abundance): the symbolic act of accepting CHRIST.

So, the pledge of the reversionary interest and release of estate in expectancy "protects our purchase" (use) of the SS Number while in public and thus should shield us under the law of nations from any "collateral attack" against person and property while we assist the "receiving nation" (United States of America trust) ... turning the SS # into a debt sucking mechanism instead of a debt generator. Thus ensuring "life (god) return to the lands".

One's crystal is now mended, allowing one's inner light to shine and one's divine purpose unchained and unbound.

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