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commissioners bond/iccpr
On January I sent the authenticated bc to Dept. of Treasury (Registered Mail) and recorded same at the county auditor's office.  In April I instructed the county commissioners in this county to release several judgment liens against the ALL-CAPS Estate (real) property in accordance with Title 12USC95a(2), 95(b), RCW 36.32.120(8), relevant 1099-A forms, copy of Article 55 of the Hague, their official oaths of office, to support both constitutions and  laws of the state and laws of the United States, and expunge the liens from the public record.  RCW 36.32.120(8) states that the commissioners have the power and duty to release the debt due the county.  There was no response and the county officials have refused to release their claims.

The same documents sent to the county commissioners were sent to the County Prosecuting Attorney regarding release of the judgment liens.  C.P.A. was appointed  fiduciary in this matter and was reminded of his "DUTY  UNDER CONTRACT" and "DOCTRINE OF DE FACTO TRUSTEE" to release said liens.  No response to date.

I then filed a claim against the county commissioners' bonds for non performance of their official duties.  The  claim was denied 3 times, each time re-stating, mis-stating and circumventing every issue by the insurance company's representative (attorney).  

A complaint was recently filed with the State Bar disciplinary board against the attorney, to determine whether, as the attorney representing the insurance company, had fulfilled his fiduciary duties.  It will not necessarily effect the claim, but it may in the future make it possible to re-submit the claim if said attorney  was found in violation.

I'm now looking at the ICCPR for enforcement.  Is there any input or suggestions?  Has anyone submitted a claim?  If so, what has happened?  WJ