What did you expect?

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What did you expect?

What  did you think was going to happen?

Okay, we are all adults.  We are all excited for our liberty. But… COUNT THE COST!!!

I shared with you the way out… it is real… BUT WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?...

There is a system in place that’s been in place for a very long time, and what do men in power want? MORE POWER!  We all are excited about “SURRENDERING EQUITY”… about getting the “REPUBLIC BACK”… But not everyone is going to do this…

I remember the audio with the “Attorney”… and he said something very important that I will bring up… “Make sure you do this as a group, and not as an individual”… or something to that effect. What we are doing is correct! The problem is the “EFFECT” that will take place.

COUNT THE COST… there are always tragedies in every war! You realize this is war against the FEDERAL RESERVE, even though it is not intended as such? This website is the NEBUCHADNEZZAR… REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED TO IT.

We are looked at as slaves, and not as men… and by surrendering to the Government the Estates is the correct thing to do… Jesus did the right thing… and it killed him?

The truth hurts… we don’t mean for others to be injured by this… nevertheless, we cannot control what others do to retaliate… Jesus preached a great message… a wholesome message… but to the Leading Men of the nation it was looked upon as nasty, and repulsive, and unacceptable.

We are in a catch 22, because even though what we’re doing is an honest effort to help the Government survive and thrive… it will not be looked at in the same way by all.


I wish you all the best... hector!
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Re: What did you expect?


With artificial intelligence and automation the game has changed.

The ultra wealthy do not need massive amounts of slaves, they need highly intelligent people that can service/invent the new technologies.

Unskilled slave labor will no longer be critical, so who's seed will stay on the Earth?

Critical thinking tells us that a closed system will only support certain functions within its environment, in other words, how many humans can the Earth safely carry in a sustainable way?

Someone has told their view, see here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgia_Guidestones

Georgia Guidestones

They have it at 500 million.

So, as it stand 93 out of 100 people would have to be wiped out. Think about that.

Would you like your kids to have a 7% chance of surviving, and if does survive a 100% chance to be a slave?