The USUFRUCT Story by BORIS featuring Puff the Magic Dragon 1978

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The USUFRUCT Story by BORIS featuring Puff the Magic Dragon 1978

The USUFRUCT Story by BORIS featuring Puff the Magic Dragon 1978
posted Feb 28, 2016 by william-michael
Just like Boris is been saying all along.

You folks remember Puff the Magic Dragon?

"Jackie Draper This is Jackie PAPER" (1978).

if you don't have time for it then just start at the 3:00 minute mark. The USUFRUCT!
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Gavilan said Mar 01, 2016
Thank you!

eric said Mar 02, 2016
William-Michael, THANKS for demonstrating respect and honor for the very power which is around each of us. Long before the list of music was developed, i went back in time to a list of all the old 60's, 70's & 80's to see what the shows(and their intro/exit music) were respected & known for, what they taught, what they hid(with the perspective/expectation/perception that I have at this time) at the time of their height in popularity.

It was amazing to discover that with all the effort to hide the truth by way of straight out brainwashing, intentionally employing the tactics in purview of predesicional domain[where], the truth was still present & was not or could not be removed from the backdrop of any scene for those that asked the proper questions from the hearts of those that sought to properly honor it. {Truth Stands on its own; it is the lie that needs the twisting of truth to exist}

At first I had concern over responding to the Music/Movie topic, & remembered that its far better to honor truth and the gift it brings verses the emptiness of fear!

I am glad that I expressed myself & that I also shared the two movies & the list of music which are featured in other movies as well.

The gem of it all was how PUFF The Magic Dragon the Short Film was re-introduced to me through that topic category, I came across the song awhile back before the list was even contemplated, but it wasn't until last night that I honored what you gave and watched not only the 1st Puff, but the Land of Living Lies & the Incredible Nobody.

I was 7 when the 1st Puff was released, & i'd never seen the others...You brought home to me and I pray to others, everything I Hoped to give when deciding to share under the MUSIC/MOVIE topic, GOOD GOING!!!

Eric Mittons
~ Boris

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