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The Government's Gospel, Move the Court... Last Message


How did NEO approach the MACHINE KING?
Did Neo “TRY” any of the “FANCY KUNG-FU” he had learned back in the NEBUCHADNEZZAR?

When they CRASHED AT MACHINE “CITY”, Our hero lost “TRINITY”… he lost “HOPE” once he lost Her.  SHE WAS HIS LAST EFFORT OF TRYING TO RESOLVE THINGS ON HIS OWN… BY HIS OWN STRENGTH, because he had her by his side, and she rode “SHOTGUN” with him. But, ALAS, she was killed in the attempt to reach the MACHINE CITY, and the very last BREATH OF LIFE was punched out of him. He no longer wanted to “FIGHT”. He just wanted “PEACE”… for once in his life he just wanted “PEACE.” Death was a welcome melody!

NEO was humbled!  He was alone now! He was surrounded and haunted by the “SHADOW OF DEATH.” All of his efforts brought FRUITS worthy of DEATH. Confusion, confusion all around! What have I done? I AM ALL ALONE!

 First he lost his “OAR”, then the “MAST”, then the “TRIM-TAB” whereby he could no longer direct his “Vessel” and now it has SUNK along with all HOPE, AND the only choice he had was out of his “CONTROL.” It was away from his  “WISDOM.” HE NO LONGER HAD A FIGHT WITHIN… HE JUST WANTED IT TO STOP… THE PAIN TO END… NO MORE SUFFERING?

NEO had to be “EMPTIED” of “SELF”!

Ahhh, we’re not done; because NEO was in the Realm of the MACHINE KING with nowhere to plug in and FIGHT! No ship available… no NEBUCHADNEZZAR… no LOGOS…No Morpheus… No Trinity………………………. NADA!


Prayer to the MACHINE KING.
The LAST effort, the ONE TECHNIQUE left to NEO was CONFESSION! It was by Neo’s CONFESSION that alone he was basically USELESS against the SMITH was what awakened within the MACHINE KING the scary fact that HE LIKEWISE was in the same predicament as NEO was. Even though the MACHINE KING was resistant to the idea, it too finally DAWNED on him as it did NEO. But, we are still in the Machine King’s REALM!!!

So, the key to this confession was in how Neo APPROACHED the MACHINE KING; because NEO was an uninvited guest! HE WAS WORTHY OF IMMEDIATE DEATH. Okay, well, how did Neo APPROACH THE MACHINE KING after emptied of all desire to fight… of all his PRIDE?

1. First Neo RECOGNIZED the MACHINE KING as the God of the MATRIX, and therefore having the Authority.

2. He next related the fact to the MACHINE KING that the SMITH was out of CONTROL and that HE could not stop him alone, but together the TASK could be ACCOMPLISHED.


4. This ACCEPTANCE by the MACHINE KING allowed NEO to claim all of the Machine King’s POWER as his own by claiming the MACHINE KING as his own ALLY, for the TWO have become one… [by Gelfling hand or else by none]

5. By having done this he was ready to make known his NEED to the MACHINE KING and the Machine King prefer his REQUEST.

6. Now that the request is PREFERRED, Neo has FULL ASSURANCE OF “FAITH” that to the ONE who prays in “FAITH”……….. “ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.”

7. NEO had to offer prayer, had to PLEAD to the MACHINE KING with a just sense of the Machine King’s EXISTENCE!

8. NEO could not insult the MACHINE KING. He could not treat HIM simply as an abstract and not as a LIVING SAVIOR? The MACHINE KING was just as REAL as was NEO?

9. If NEO would have treated the MACHINE KING as simply a machine and not as a reality, by his own actions, NEO of course, deserved nothing but false hope… because without “FAITH” he really did not expect ANYTHING!

10. Before Neo PRAYED, he had to FIRST contemplate THE MACHINE KING before thinking of HIMSELF and his own needs… and this is where so many FAIL!!! Most people think more about themselves than they do the Government.

11. Instead, NEO thought of the MACHINE KING while he contemplated HIS OWN NEED. He contemplated the Machine King’s GREATNESS and his KINDNESS allowing him even to speak?

12. Because of this WISDOM, the Machine King UNITED with NEO on a COMMON QUEST.

13. The salvation of the MATRIX for the MACHINE KING; and, the salvation of ZION for NEO.

14. Now it was not difficult AT ALL for NEO to “BELIEVE” that the MACHINE KING is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

15. NEO’S “FAITH” was his VICTORY!!! And, by Neo “BELIEVING” the Machine King was EVIDENCE of his “FAITH.” Neo ALLOWED the Machine King to PLUG INTO HIM!!!

The moral to things I have written is that in our CONFLICT with our adversaries… the PRINCIPALITIES and POWERS and wicked SPIRITS on Earth we must “RESIST THE DEVIL and he will FLEE FROM US.” But we are to resist steadfast in the “FAITH”.

Only in FAITH will said RESISTANCE cause the “DEVIL” to flee. Listen, the “DEVIL” knows that he is STRONGER than us [JUST LIKE THE “SMITH” KNEW THAT HE WAS STRONGER THAN NEO]. BUT… when the Devil is RESISTED in the strength of God [JUST LIKE NEO NOW RESISTED THE “SMITH” IN THE STRENGTH OF THE “MACHINE KING” which was by way of SURRENDER] the Devil has no choice but to FLEE [the “SMITH” was eventually DESTROYED], for the “DEVIL” knows that he has no strength AT ALL against CHRIST [and the Smith said “NO NO NO NO… THAT’S NOT FAIR!!!]

The redeemed of the Lord will come with singing unto Zion… this is the Lord showing Israel how to overcome, and that he was always willing and anxious to complete the PROMISE.

DID THE MACHINE KING COMPLETE HIS PROMISE TO NEO? Okay, well treat the U.S. Government the same… what have you got to lose?

The following excerpt is all I will share, and read it carefully:

“The documents accompanying this correspondence contain confidential information that is legally privileged. This information is intended only for the use of the individual or entity named above. The authorized recipient of this information is PROHIBITED FROM DISCLOSING this information to any other party unless required to do so by law or regulation and is required to DESTROY THE INFORMATION after its stated need has been fulfilled.”
[Emphasis mine]

This is the disclosure in the documents I receive… HAVE FAITH. I CANNOT DISCLOSE FURTHER!!!

The Government has NO SOVEREIGNTY…
Surrender your SOVEREIGNTY to the Government…
Like the MACHINE KING it will protect ITS MATRIX and YOUR ZION!!!

Hey, I did it… so can you! ALL PRAISES TO THE GREAT “I AM”

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Re: The Government's Gospel, Move the Court... Last Message

Thank you for sharing, but to ensure we understand completely, as I admit I have never seen the movie the Matrix - which it appears you have a well written understanding of the "real meaning" of the movie, in other words - you are suggesting we surrender the usufruct to the "correct authorized representative" - to and for the account of the United States as an exclusive authorized signatory to extinguish and obliterate the "presumed" debt obligation - thereby setting "us free" from the presumption of surety.  "Giving equity to get equity", to state it in different terms.  This last sentence is not meant as a full detailed synopsis just general overall gist.  

I would like to be bold and say, I have tried this so many times, in so many different ways, I actually believe I can wall paper my bedroom with all the paper.  From the Catholic church down to the local county probate judge - and just about everyone in between.  All I got was ignored.

I can even state emphatically, through many hours of "spiritual law", it all makes sense to me from that point of view.

Hector, you suggest "you did it-so can you".  There is no doubt in my mind.  The issue - which I suspect many have tried and still have not quite made it - what specifically did you do to make it UNDERSTOOD that Hector, the presumed surety does not reside within the US borders BUT Hector, the man, lives IN the United States but is NOT of the United States?