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Son of Satan

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Damn right ..... rejection of Jesus Christ is acceptance of Satan and the BODY of the anti-Christ shall consist of those of whom reject Jesus Christ; If the Body of Christ is his church, then the Body of anti-Christ would be anything EXCEPT Christ's Church for the inclusion of one is the exclusion of another.

Eve and Satan had INTERCOURSE in the garden upon which they NEGOTIATED a covenant (NOVATION) in rejection of God's covenant: the Genesis 3 curse; Man's EGO was stroked (beguiled) by the temptation of being LIKE God Almighty (ie: Tower of Babel).

Her seed is now anti-Christ because the Genesis 3 curse put enmity between his (Satan) seed (CAIN) and her (the woman) seed (ABEL). CAIN killed ABEL and God Almighty punished CAIN; the SEED of Satan manifest, and the fruit of this UNHOLY union is that Mankind is now led by EGO instead of HEART.

That is where the TRUE enmity resides: between the SEED of the EGO (CAIN) and the SEED of the HEART (ABEL and later SETH: Genesis 4:25 ... Son born to Adam after he knew his wife once more; Genesis 4:25 is a NOVATION with respect to ABEL of which ultimately gives rise to Jesus Christ).

In those days, the FIRSTBORN received the inheritance, but since CAIN was firstborn and killed ABEL and God punished CAIN, then God Almighty HAD to NOVATE the covenant, else Satan would take the Kingdom by DEFAULT for there would be NO HEIR and Satan already STAKED his claim through Eve as they would have had the ONLY operational covenant and HIS seed would rule: HIS seed being those who reject Jesus Christ (spiritual manifest into the physical) for Jesus Christ is the CULMINATION or ultimate FRUIT of that Genesis 4:25 NOVATION of which I am usufruct.

If the Law is written on one's Heart then Eve (or Ego) is an adulterer of the Law. Satan is not called the Son of Perdition and the little whore for nothing: Misery LOVES Company and spreads thru unholy, unwashed, unclean INTERCOURSE.

Perdition: a state of eternal punishment and damnation into which a sinful and unpenitent person passes after death.

The Act in the garden was PURE adultery = lessened the DIGNITY of both parties: God Almighty and Adam. See Law of Nations Book 1, Article 192: Eve (Ego) sought the PERCEIVED protection of a "more powerful nation" (Satan's Kingdom) which is a FALSE PROMISE because the choice was a result of the seduction of the serpent (beguilement: he was only interested in INTERCOURSE not fulfillment): abandonment of one life in exchange for another (NOVATION); the expulsion from the Garden.

Ash Wednesday (and Fat Tuesday by extension) celebrates this REPUDIATION of God's Covenant by Adam thru this temptation of Eve: CELEBRATING the expulsion from the Garden with a ritual done in homage to Satan: the ash cross on the forehead may as well be the mark of the beast.

The acceptance of Jesus Christ allows One to go back to the foundation and re-negotiate the offer (NOVATION): PURE equity = RESTORE the dignity of both parties: God Almighty and the seed of Adam.

NOVATION: The substitution of a new contract for an old one. The new agreement extinguishes the rights and obligations that were in effect under the old agreement.

A novation ordinarily arises when a new individual assumes an obligation to pay that was incurred by the original party to the contract. It is distinguishable from the situation that occurs when another individual makes a guarantee that a debtor will pay what he or she owes to a creditor. In the case of a novation, the original debtor is totally released from the obligation, which is transferred to someone else. The nature of the transaction is dependent upon the agreement between the parties.

A novation also takes place when the original parties continue their obligation to one another, but a new agreement is substituted for the old one.

The eating of the fruit in the garden was the CONSIDERATION to underwrite and INSURE the NEW covenant (contract) HOWEVER, the original parties (Adam and God Almighty) continue their obligation to one another, even when the new agreement was substituted for the old one.

The LORD ensures the AGREEMENT is EXECUTED: Genesis 3 curse, in that all seed of Adam would NOT inherit the Earth because they REJECTED that ORIGINAL COVENANT, which violates the TERMS and CONDITIONS of the ORIGINAL OBLIGATION that are still in effect.

Acceptance of Jesus Christ is the "Redemption Clause"; ACCEPTANCE the NOVATION of Genesis 4:25 of which is ALSO an offer of forgiveness unto the SEED of Satan. Therefore, the act of accepting Christ ALSO extends our Father's good graces to the bloodline of CAIN, so that those lost souls may also REPENT and know the Love of our Father who art in Heaven.

From Bedazzled, 2000:

Devil (Elizabeth Hurely): Your last wish was a deal-breaker.
Elliot (Brendan Frasier): What?
Devil (Elizabeth Hurely): Nobody ever reads the contract. Article 147, paragraph 9, section 3: Selfless acts of redemption. It says, " If you commit one truly benevolent act, it voids the contract."
Elliot (Brendan Frasier): So I get to keep my soul?
Devil (Elizabeth Hurely): Yes, you get to keep your soul.
Elliot (Brendan Frasier): Yes! Yes! I get to keep my soul!
Devil (Elizabeth Hurely): On November 16th, I'll have done this for 6000 years. You're the first person to give away a wish. I hope it's not a trend. You won't tell anyone?
Elliot (Brendan Frasier): No, no, I promise. Nope. I don't get it, though. I mean, why are you being nice?
Devil (Elizabeth Hurely): Look, Elliot. I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. The whole " good and evil" thing-- You know, Him and me.It really comes down to you. You don't have to look hard for Heaven and Hell. They're here on Earth. You make the choice. And I guess you just made yours.

~ Boris

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