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Re: Aug 12 audio - administer v. minister

As verbs the difference between minister and administer is that minister is to attend to (the needs of); to tend; to take care (of); to give aid; to give service while administer is to cause to take, either by openly offering or through deceit.
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Re: Aug 12 audio - administer v. minister

Found this too

“Ministering and Administering”

What exactly is the difference between “MINISTERING” and “ADMINISTERING??”

Great question!!

In short … “GRACE” is to ministering … what “ORGANIZATION” is to administering!!

MINISTERING == to further the NEEDS of (or to “LIFT UP”) the individual.

ADMINISTERING == to further the NEEDS of (or to “LIFT UP”) the organization.

This distinction is critical … for Christ was more a MINISTER than he was an ADMINISTRATOR!!

Did not Christ leave the 99 to go and MINISTER to the 1?? (Matthew 18:11-13, Luke 15:3-7)

We must remember that “although Christ PREACHED to many … he always MINISTERED to the ONE!!”

And it is through MINISTERING … or the GIVING of LIFE … or the GIVING of GRACE … that hearts are touched and souls are rejuvenated!!

Surely … SALVATION is an INDIVIDUALIZED AFFAIR… because it is dependent upon GRACE … or an individual being willing to SACRIFICE by REACHING DOWN and LIFTING someone else UP!!

And it is on account of this sincere SACRIFICE that the Heavens are touched … and that they then reach down and LIFT UP the person who had performed the SERVICE … and thus ALL are UPLIFTED!!

Simply put … without GRACE (or the PURE LOVE of CHRIST) … you are nothing!!

This is in direct opposition of those who are drawn to the MOB … or to “MOB MENTALITY!!”

Those who organize such “frenetic flows of energy” are all in it for their own PERSONAL GLORY … the larger the MOB … the more FOLLOWERS to be claimed … the greater their EGO!!

Pure SELFISHNESS is their MOTIVATION … they are all in it for themselves … and ultimately … they really don’t care about the individual all that much!!

Yes … Christ might have PREACHED to many … but ultimately … He CARED for (and He “focused on”) the ONE!!

Finally … it needs to be mentioned that there are two totally different SKILL SETS when it comes to (1)MINISTERING and (2) ADMINISTERING!!

MINISTERING is all about “GRACE!!”

One must have developed the capacity to LISTEN … to SEE others as God SEES them … to have COMPASSION… to know how to ASK the right QUESTIONS which will then enable the other person to choose the right for his or her own self … etc.


To successfully lead (or play a significant role in) an organization … an individual must be adept at MANAGEMENT of RESOURCES … ORGANIZING OTHERS so as to make the most optimal use of their talents (so that they too can grow through service) … to efficiently navigate the byzantine world of POLICIES … PROCEDURES … PRACTICES … RITUALS … etc.

With that said … it needs to be noted that no matter how TALENTED the individual (or effective an administrator) … it is only by GRACE through which the doors of the Heavens are opened … and we are SAVED!!