Question regarding an expected newborn.

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Question regarding an expected newborn.

posted Apr 10, 2016 by Kewldaddi
Somedude, I would greatly appreciate your opinion regarding what actions you would take in regards to the initial documents the Hospital personnel will offer expecting parents to sign when their newborn arrives. BCOLB / SS5? THANK YOU!

some_dude said Apr 11, 2016
everything in the country happens in trust. The BC and the SSN just establish accounts but until those are claimed, those will be treated AS IF they were property of the State to protect the "true owner and heir" to the interests.

Why not just sign then while at the same time expressing that these are NOT abandoned interests, but if you fail to have you own trust established, then there is really is no way to claim the issue and keep in harmony with the laws of the host nation.
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