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Chuck Nasty
I have been reading and watching the videos, and feel I finally have enough comprehension to begin the process. the dept of revenue of my state had an employment garnishment on the NAME and since I received a "refund" check (without filing a return!) I called to check the status of the account. I gave the info and then she asked me was I NAME. at this point I told her I was not, that NAME was interest property of the US. she asked again and when she got the same answer she then asked if I had power of Attorney, otherwise she wasn't really able to talk about it. So, I am assuming they want me to make myself POA over the name? what can be accomplished if I do that? I'm thinking about returning the Check with the paperwork establishing the new and more perfect union with the state and federal govt. Isnt a trust formed if I deposit something of value with an official? if anyone has more experience or some general obvservations about the pros and cons of my plan, please feel free to respond. thanks and have a Blessed Day ! :)
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Why not just confront the use of the GLOSSA or DOG-LATIN: language of the illiterate/dead?
(see Black's 4th)


THIS TEXT IS DOG LATIN BEING LATIN TEXT BASED ON THE GRAMMATICAL RULES OF ENGLISH (Debased Latin: “DOG-LATIN, language of the illiterate/dead: Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition”)

The FACT is that when these guys are using ALL CAPS, they are referring to an illiterate or dead person. When these same people take one into custody or addresses one by NAME, then the PRESUMPTION-OF-DEATH has just been obliterated and the jurisdiction can no longer be maintained; There are NO-VALID-LETTERS-OF-ADMINISTRATION.

This is the Natural Defense Mechanism of the public trust.

The public trust uses probate to administrate one's estate so the debts of the estate holders can be settled pursuant to the rules of usufruct while at the same time allowing the REALIZATION of the estate in expectancy (revenue and debts flow to the Treasury: Account For one's use) to be utilized for the purposes of keeping commerce flowing between the Nations and Corporations (DEAD) without the use of the Central Bankers: a form of National Independence. Read the Carey Currency Letter again.

Remember the Letter from Jefferson to Madison: I set out on this ground, which I suppose to be self evident, "that the earth belongs in usufruct to the living": that the dead have neither powers nor rights over it. The portion occupied by an individual ceases to be his when himself ceases to be, and reverts to the society.

that the dead have neither powers nor rights over it = Commerce in Probate = Entrusted Transactions: Commerce operates thru Trusts (In-Trusted Estates) because only INTEREST (interests in property (estates held in trust)) exchanges hands, never substance since the DEAD have no substance. The DEAD use MONEY (CURRENCY) to represent (Account For) the exchange in interest.

The portion occupied by an individual ceases to be his when himself ceases to be, and reverts to the society = estate in expectancy. The Fed Res allows for the REALIZATION of the estate thru hypothication, fractionalization and shit like that so DEBTS/SIN can be absolved (account for the usufruct) while ensuring enough CURRENCY remain in circulation so commerce can flow.

To protect the people from Tyranny as a result, the very moment the NAME is used in conjunction with "recognition" or "identification,", the 1666 Cestui Que Act kicks in and the ENTIRE estate of the one so identified automatically REVERTS from Trust to the party so identified and the judiciary/attorneys lose ALL letters of administration and stripped of any authority over the estate for those guys' only authority and jurisdiction over the estates of the DEAD for they are of the "Synagogue of Satan" (EGYPT/BABYLON/HADES = land of the dead = the underworld = Sheol = UNITED STATES)

When confronted with this TRUTH, should any matter proceed, then the matter is now a violation of Natural Law and the one proceeding is now engaged in insurrection and rebellion for the action taken amounts to involuntary servitude of which is a violation of Natural Law and an open declaration of War against one's Estate. Thus, the one proceeding is now subject under Nuremberg as the actions constitute a War Crime for rape, pillage and plunder are formally prohibited AND the occupying army (the one proceeding) is now usufructuary and administrator over the PUBLIC ESTATE (NAME).

That simple.

If people understood this one TRUTH, It is game fucking over: There is only 1 jurisdiction, over the estate of the dead man.

read: Scott v. McNeal, 154 U.S. 34 (1894)

One does not have to prove shit, one is already proven when these guys sit there and identify one as if one were NAME. I pointed this out in the Claim in the Nutshell and Stopping the Insanity articles.

Go back and read those two articles ... basically, exposes the whole game.

The entirety of the economy, direction and purpose of this Entrusted Nation is INTENDED be in the hands of the people: all corporations and governments are INTENDED to be usufructuary of the people and the people were INTENDED to be freed in order they unleash their imaginations and develop their TRUE potential.

And with this, I leave you with two sentences:

For the record, I am here for this matter for there is a mistake and Object in point of Law for I am the foreign beneficiary of this Juridical Person and admit the facts but deny understanding the charges and deny consent to act as surety.   (repeat 3x)
Objection in point of clarification: It appears this court is proceeding without a valid letter of administration for how can there be any grounds for sustaining this jurisdiction when the presumption is overthrown by the actual presence of the supposed dead man?   (repeat 3x)

* Objection in Point of Law - Objection in point of law refers to a defensive pleading by which the defendant admits the facts alleged by the plaintiff but objects that they do not make out a legal claim.

Note: People are having problems with the whole "unauthorized practice of law" thing. Well, one is there on a private ecclesiastical matter before the PUBLIC court, which is why you should put PUBLIC NOTICE at the top of Docs such as affidavits and verifications. So, try something like: "Well that is a relief for I am not here on private bar business but for a private ecclesiastical matter before this court." 

~ Boris

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims;
Resistance is futile.

If you think you can, you are correct.
If you think you can't, you are correct.
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Replacement for unresponsive link  

Scott vs McNeal

<a href="http:// supreme.justia.com/cases/federal/us/154/34/case.html">

Hope this works!

Good find Boris!!!