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Negative Energy

What we call “NEGATIVE ENERGY” is simply energy WITH A PURPOSE which GOES CONTRARY TO our ORDINARY EXPERIENCES. All of the PROGRAMMING we were exposed to in the past has us looking TO THE OUTSIDE instead of focusing on THE INSIDE.

Yesterday I woke up to Cartoon Network (yes, I still like cartoons) to a certain one named UNCLE GRANDPA! Being awakened by something very funny that at the moment I cannot recall, yet, I strictly remember what he said:


Negative Energy, it is my personal opinion has been too little thought of? We like to think of ourselves as positive men/women… but we must honor BOTH SIDES OF THE ACCOUNT!!! Nevertheless, the understanding of the negative side, or should I say, the SATANIC SIDE is just as important. I’m not here deliberately placing any laurels upon that negative side of the account, but I have come to the conclusion that it is extremely important.

THE FATHER leads us to SATAN, and SATAN forces us into one of the most disagreeable, the most uncomfortable, and the most unwanted relationships… THE RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF.

Negative Energy is ACCEPTANCE while rejection is POSITIVE ENERGY. Negative energy, by nature is energy whose natural motion is INWARD and POSITIVE ENERGY is outward. I recall, and please correct me if I’m wrong, the story of Jesus when he was baptized of John. I recall the Holy Spirit descended upon Him in the FORM of a dove.

Then what did the Holy Spirit (POSITIVE ENERGY) do with Jesus? He handed him over to SATAN (NEGATIVE ENERGY) to be TEMPTED of the devil 40/40. I cannot witness what went on during that time, since I was not there, so I ACCEPT it at face value. The only thing that I can witness to is that the Bible states clearly, that, the HOLY SPIRIT surrendered JESUS to the DEVIL to be TEMPTED.

Now, what was the temptation, or TEACHING that the father had in store for Jesus? Well, it seems to me he wanted Jesus to enter this most undesired relationship… THE RELATIONSHIP WITH SELF. Since the father cannot be tempted with SIN, and since he DID NOT CREATE SIN, therefore he had his Son deposited with ITS FOUNDER.

But, WHAT IS IT WITH POSITIVE ENERGY? We are basically pretty familiar with it? Full steam ahead… we make up our mind, tighten our belt, roll up our sleeves and head toward the task, and we tackle it head on and we say, YOU WON’T BEAT ME… I WILL GAIN THE VICTORY OVER YOU.

This reminds me of NEO, and you are correct BORIS, THE ONLY WAY OUT IS “IN”, but I think of Neo plugging in from the Nebuchadnezzar, WITH ALL THAT POSITIVE ENERGY, ready to kick ass in the MATRIX… guns and bombs, and flying circus… boy, oh boy, all that POSITIVE ENERGY. Then he met with the ARCHITECT (NEGATIVE ENERGY)… and he forced NEO into that uncomfortable relationship with himself… just about every MONITOR had NEO in all of his POSITIVE ROLES, middle fingers… cursing… swearing… denying… you remember that scene with the Architect don’t you?

The Architect (SATAN) (MR. NEGATIVE) forced Neo into a grim reality… that all his efforts will be USELESS unless he faced the TRUTH… EITHER YOU DIE  OR  ZION DIES!!! Like the ORACLE said “One way or another, this WAR is going to end”! Of course she was implying it will end either by NEO or SMITH.

YES, WE ALL HAVE TO GO IN, SINCE THAT IS THE ONLY WAY OUT. But not through the Nebuchadnezzar!!!  We must allow ourselves to be plugged IN by the MACHINE KING HIMSELF. Was that not what our HERO had to do in order to have any form of success with THE SMITH? The SMITH just kept getting STRONGER…. AND STRONGER… AND STRONGER… etc. and NEO would have NEVER BEEN SUCCESSFUL simply hacking in from the NEBUCHADNEZZAR, or am I wrong?

Zion was destroyed five (5) other times because in those times NEO never made the ultimate sacrifice… or if he DID make the sacrifice he did it with HIS OWN STRENGTH, THROUGH HIS OWN METHOD, THE WAY… THE “POSITIVE WAY”.

What a NEGATIVE THOUGHT knowing that you must die that others MAY LIVE? What a NEGATIVE THOUGHT knowing he had to go to the MACHINE KING in order the Matrix and Zion be free from the coming destruction from THE SMITH? What a negative thought that JESUS had to be handed over to SATAN knowing he must die that others may live?

All the other times, (that is, all the times that he hacked in from the Nebuchadnezzar) that Neo rolled up his sleeves, plugged into the Matrix and kicked ass was pretty amazing, wasn’t it? HE LEARNED ALL KINDS OF MARTIAL ARTS, HOW TO USE ALL KINDS OF WEAPONS, HE KNEW HOW TO FLY THROUGHT THE AIR, HOW TO DODGE BULLETS, HOW TO RESTART A HEART, AND THE LIST IS ENDLESS… BUT, WHAT WAS THE FINAL RESULT OF WHAT HE DID?


That “POSITIVE ENERGY” Neo was infused with, led him from one excessive action to another, and another, and yet some more? Yet, let’s give him credit, since it did have a certain degree of material accomplishments? Let me clarify a bit: it is not that we should discount all his accomplishment while plugged in from the NEBUCHADNEZZAR or to say it differently, POSITIVE ENERGY? It is that we should recognize, that we cannot or should not, as so many people do today, place a secondary importance into the primary, or, FIRST POSITION.

Yes… POSITIVE ENERGY… THE NEBUCHADNEZZAR… was extremely important and had its place? But, it was not the FIRST PLACE!!!  In the fables of history, when kings (for example Alexander the Great who died at the age of 33) lusted and declared themselves gods, the ORACLE demanded and ordered their destruction. You see, Morpheus (or FORM) was revered, and that was the reason the NEBUCHADNEZZAR was destroyed by the CENTINELS.

KING of the Gods = A king belonging to or employed by the Gods.

Yes, we must plug into the Matrix… but not through the Nebuchadnezzar (POSITIVE ENERGY)… but through the Machine King (NEGATIVE ENERGY OR SATAN) by surrendering to him what belongs to him… which is all MATERIAL (POSITIVE ENERGY).

Once plugged in, by way of the MACHINE KING, then NEO had to allow himself to be captured by THE SMITH? DON’T FORGET… NEO FAILED WITH THE SMITH WHILE PLUGGED IN FROM THE NEBUCHADNEZZAR (POSITIVE ENERGY); and during the final fight with the SMITH he knew he was going to die, but he HAD TO MAKE IT LOOK BELIEVABLE, if not, the SMITH would not have “bought it.” (taking)

The lesson that Jesus had to learn from SATAN (my opinion only) is that, it was BY surrendering to SATAN (NEGATIVE ENERGY) would be the only way of freeing MANKIND FROM SATAN’S DEATH GRIP (POSITIVE ENERGY).

The choice is yours folks:
1. Plug in from the Nebuchadnezzar (roll your sleeves up and fight), or
2. Plug in from the Machine King (SATAN) by surrendering to him WHAT IS HIS?
After all, NEO allowed himself to be the TRANSMITTING UTILITY between THE MACHINE KING and THE SMITH, which proves the point that the Machine King represents the federal government and the Smith represents the State? It does suck knowing you must die to this world and give up all the material interests… yet, it is the path laid out, and pretty clearly.

Please do not misinterpret… just think on these things?