Must Read: FM 27-5 (1943 ed.)

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Must Read: FM 27-5 (1943 ed.)


FM 27-5 (1943 ed); page 16; paragraph 11(c)

c, Courts and Law. The establishment and administration of military commissions and provost courts and the determination of their jurisdiction and procedure; supervision and control, or closing, of local Criminal and civil courts; supervision of the local bar; decisions as to modification or suspension of local criminal and civil laws; acceptance, investigation, and reports of claims, and, in some cases, the operation of claims commissions; general legal advice on all aspects of civil affairs. Local courts concerned with litigation and other legal matters among Civilians are under the supervision of civil affairs officers, Such matters involving civilians and members of the armed forces arc also of primary concern to the civil affairs officers. Matters within the jurisdiction of courts martial are of no concern to civil affairs officers.
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