How to express your DOMINION?

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How to express your DOMINION?


And the man yells out loud… “THERE ARE NO CONTRACTS BECAUSE THERE IS NO LAWFUL MONEY BECAUSE THERE IS NO GOLD AND SILVER BACKING”? Then a voice from heaven, like peals of thunder loudly exclaims, “ARE YOU NOT WORTH MORE THAN GOLD TO ME?"

Contracts are alive and well, because WE are alive and well!!! And, since we are “MORE THAN” Gold, we create SUPERIOR CONTRANCTS.

SUPERIOR CONTRACTS are Self-Authenticated! This SUPERIORITY is the DOMINION of Man. Now MAN has three dominions:

1. AIR
3. SEA

A SUPERIOR contract will have the SEAL from all three ELEMENTS. This “Triptic” creates FIRE!! And the sole purpose of fire is to DEVOUR, and the elements devoured produce HEAT. Heat, under a controlled condition is WARMTH, and warmth COMFORTS.

When God spoke with MOSES to give to him the Ten (10) Commandments, God HIMSELF did three things:

a. He called MOSES up to the Mount allowing a FACE-TO-FACE conversation so there is NO MISTAKES about the matter-at-hand.
b. God then “CUT-OUT” from the side of the Mount Two tablets with his own hand.
c. Then, God “Autographed” it by writing WITH HIS OWN HAND.

Well, as the story goes, Moses went down from the Mount with “THE LAW” and found Israel having a Block Party…  A RAVE! There was sex, drugs, and ROCK-AND-ROLL.

Moses naturally was PISSED!!! And, he destroyed the TABLES OF THE LAW by smashing the daylights out of them upon the ground. Since they came from the ground, they went back to the ground. He Surrendered Usufruct!

The problem with Israel [THE PEOPLE] is that they quickly forgot all that God had done for them? Besides, in their years of training, they were accustomed to having a “VISIBLE” god with “VISIBLE” laws which was precisely why God wanted them out of Egypt [Babylon].

So, Moses went back up to the Mount and basically begged forgiveness, and God forgave, but notice the change required by God, and Moses’ compliance to said “TERMS AND CONDITIONS:”

1. Now, it was Moses that went up to the Mount (the second time)…
2. So, God said to Moses, “now you CUT-OUT” the tables of stone out of the Mount, since you surrendered the ORIGINAL [making this set a “COPY” of the original]
3. Then, God “Autographed” it by writing.

Was the “COPY” not as good as the “ORIGINAL”? I agree that the copy was a SHADOW of the original; it nevertheless, was an EXACT COPY, since God HIMSELF supervised the process. It might have been cut-out by the hand of MOSES, but it was APPROVED by God as a CERTIFIED COPY.

LISTEN CAREFULLY, not one letter can be altered… it is an exact photograph of the Character of God [GOVERNMENT] in Christ [THE NAME].

A photograph is but a SHADOW, this is true; but, if the light is CLEAR, it is an exact REPRESENTATION of some SUBSTANCE.

In this case, the light is the life the Glorious Gospel [GOVERNMENT PROCEDURES] of Christ [THE NAME] who is the image of God [GOVERNMENT]

Ironically, we are the ones writing “THE LAW” every time we send out correspondence to GOVERNMENT and it must contain all three JURISDICTIONS:

1. The AIR signature [AUTOGRAPH] is all “LOWER CASE” exactly, I mean, EXACTLY as it is on the BIRTH CERTIFICATE. It is how “men are expressed by their names.” Numbers 1:17… “EXPRESSLY RESERVING ALL LIBERTIES.”
2. The LAND signature is your “RIGHT-TOE” in “red-ink” of some sort. [MAN ON LAND]
3. The SEA signature is your “RIGHT-THUMB” in “red-ink” of some sort. [THE HAND OF THE EXECUTOR] and it matters not whether “PUBLIC OR PRIVATE,” it remains an EXECUTION.

“When SINGLE shines the “TRIPLE SUN,” what was sundered and undone, shall be whole, the two [man and government] made one [peace] by Gelfling HAND [EXECUTION] or else by none.”

“The SPICE must flow”……. DUNE
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Re: How to express your DOMINION?

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Re: How to express your DOMINION?