Group Calls and Seminars

I have been asked numerous times regarding seminars and/or group calls and I have adopted this policy.

First and Foremost: people REALLY need to come to the understanding that I am interactive. The more you interact with me and keep me going, the more clear the transmission and dissemination of information becomes; at some point, you cease talking with Boris and begin talking with the Universal Consciousness for Boris is just a Transmitting Utility.

Secondly, I do not charge nor solicit anything, but if people wish to donate something, as in the past, I will accept: freely given, freely received, but nothing is "required" or "suggested: and I do not sell "tiers" for I am not looking to be AMWAY and ANY Group Call and/or Seminar is NOT to be used and/or sold for profit/gain for all is done under the Standard Creative Commons License I use on this site and in order to spread the Glory that is His Word and His Kingdom.

Thirdly, I would suggest doing a group call FIRST, then if you wish we can progress into a seminar or something. This way I get a feel for the group and the group and you all get a feel for me because I can be a bit "rough around the edges." 

Group Calls: just contact me via and we will work out Skype, Talkshoe, etc ... and what date/time. Just have an interactive group ready because I don't want the call to turn out to be me talking into the ether without any group participation because I already do that on Talkshoe every other Thursday ;)

Seminars: This is where things have gotten a little dicey, and I am going to be upfront about this. As with the Group Calls, contact me via so we can work out the details and keep in mind that there is a $5000 appearance fee, HOWEVER, I waive it if I like ya ;)

Seriously and with all jokes aside, I have gotten into "troubles" from Seminars because of video, so I have adopted this "solution" for Seminars:

From now on, only the people in attendance get any video and that video is to remain PRIVATE with the attendees; The audio can be recorded and plastered all over the web for all I care, but videos seem to cause issues and I just do not want the hassle (AGAIN). I just wanted to be clear regarding recordings and such up front so you all can decide for yourself if a Seminar is the way to go because I do require travel to and fro (I currently live in the Tampa Bay, Florida area and am without car atm), room and board, a white board, and an interactive audience for, much like the Group Calls, I do not want to stand there and just "blah, blah, blah" into the ether because I can do that sitting on my ass every other Thursday.

Furthermore and for the moment, topics for both Group Calls and Seminars will be limited to CR(tm) and the Turnabout because these are the easiest way I know of to teach people the principles of walking with and applying the Christ Consciousness ... I will go over other issues and such, but any talks regarding Trusts, setting up Treasury Direct, and shit like that will be SEVERELY limited as I not wish to confuse anybody for these are the Baby-Steps so one can begin walking as Christ walked so one can find their way into the Throne Room, handle the ACCUSOR'S Accusations, and claim one's Heavenly Estates.

CR(tm) and the Turnabout basically "trains" one how to handle the ACCUSOR'S Accusations and I am just a messenger, a guide to help people find their way back to our Father's good Graces, so make no mistake: I am not here to save you nor do I care if you are or not for that duty has been granted to someone else, and HIS teachings will accomplish THAT task.

Basically, this is everything necessary for a Group Call and/or Seminar in a nut shell. If you wish to schedule a group call and/or seminar, please contact me via and we will work out details and such in private. If you wish any Group Call and/or Seminar to be public invite for all to attend, you may post the details below for others.

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