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Fixing the mistake

posted Apr 07, 2016 by rschallmo
Hey Boris ,

I am putting together an order for the treasury to close the escrow account and sending an apology to the mortgage servicer , to fix the mistake I made at the closing. I don't write letters very well so I'm looking for input from you and others on how it looks whether I need to add or subtract in the body of the letters. They sent me a 90 day letter to cure the overdue amount about a month ago.

On the Treasury order I will send in a copy of my COLB that I surrendered and endorsed some time ago along with the registered mail receipts and statements that we accepted for honor and endorsed on the back.

On the mortgage servicer I will write an apology letter to correct the mistake.

Here goes:

Treasury order
Please close this escrow account and release it to all parties who have claims and restore the property to me immediately, release it from surety. I am here to make my claim for indemnification. Enclosed is a copy of the COLB that I surrendered and endorsed over to the United States. I authorize you to close the escrow and collect the amount and return the property to me or it's equivalent. Pay the people who have rightful claims , to go ahead and return the property that's held as surety to me immediately because I'm using it. I have the right to use and I'm exercising my right to use.

Close the escrow and settled it. I surrendered my indemnity receipt for you that shows the pledge has already been given over to the United States via the COLB.

It appears that Ditech's debt collection efforts are on behalf of the United States. Did someone authorize it from the United States to collect on it? Please show me the assessment for this claim if it originated from the United States.

( not sure what else to put in there)


This letter is in regards to the mortgage that was originated in 2003. At the beginning of this contract/ agreement when issued the promissory note, the intent behind it at the beginning because I didn't know what was going on was that I was going to bear the burden. I wanted it, I accepted it, I was going to perform on it. That was my intent, therefore that contract runs under that intent. However, there's a mistake.

I signed the contract and the promissory note. There is a Mortgage. The mistake was I did not know that the name I was using on those contracts that I affixed my signature to in the name Robert Schallmo , was not registered for my benefit. It was registered and recorded by the State for its benefit. When I signed that contract, I did not put it into terms where I was accepting them on behalf of the United States because I'm using the last name Schallmo. I became the identity thief, the pirate raping and pillaging the Treasury in denying the Public Trust for my own pleasures. Because I did not know the use of that name ( ROBERT SCHALLMO ), Schallmo , Robert on the back of it was done in the name of the State. Therefore, the State was to get the benefit pursuant to 40 stat 411, all rights unalienable without recourse and I would of had 12 USC 95 a(2) disposal automatically. Since I didn't do that apologize for taking the identity and using it for my benefit.
I am correcting the mistake by issuing a $10.postal money order for good and valuable consideration for the Deed and a $2.00 bill for your administrative costs to cover you duty on settling this matter. This is my bond that shows substance to it for lawful consideration at law to cover people injured. I made a mistake. I admit it, I take responsibility for the mistake. Here's my action done in the nature of the mistake. My ignorance is my sin. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

By doing the assignment and surrender of my COLB over to the United States, this is my confession and avoidance along with repentance. The fact is I did affix my signature to the contract. The fact is I wanted it for my pleasure. The fact is there's a mistake and I'm taking steps to correct it.

The name Robert Schallmo was suppose to be used in the name of the State when in fact I was the one intending to benefit from the contract. By using this name I committed a trespass, identity theft and was denying the United States it's benefit. I did this by ignorance. My intent now is to assign over the reversion and any interest to the Unites States so they receive all of the benefits, it's usufructory interest.

Not sure how well I did with this draft but I need to take a break. A lot of effort was put into this, just not enough time in the day to really complete this. I don't know how you do this Boris but thank you for giving a start. I hope that after I'm done with this that others can benefit as well.



some_dude said Apr 08, 2016
Once again, I must repeat myself:

Each and every single matter operates EXACTLY the same. There is no difference between a mortgage, a traffic ticket, or even a non-capital crime (one where there is no real body to injure) ...

First, in order to claim the "benefits of the host nation" (equal protection/access to the laws of the Host nation) one must first accept the "terms and conditions" of the host nation with respect to the "end user agreement" regarding the PERSON (BC NAME) issued to you by the HOST NATION.

Then, one goes thru the steps:

Realization step 1 is what? Acknowledging you are the problem

Realization Step 2: would then be taking action to correct ....

Action step 1: it appears accepting the ICCPR is the gateway, this will allow the Declaration of Independence and the Treaty of Paris to take effect

Action step 2: it appears one seeks "perpetual peace", thus accept and adopt Treaty of Ghent

Action step 3: secure the person via the surrender of the usufruct with assignment of reversion, this secures public order and safety with acknowledgment the Occupying State (US) is administrator and usufructuary

Realization Step 3: would then be to seek "redress of grievances" with presentment of the surrender (BC and other instruments and DO NOT ASK WHAT THESE ARE, they are plastered all over the articles, videos, and audios within the site.

Realization Step 4: upon dishonor come to the realization that the refusal or dishonor by non-acceptance is a REPUDIATION of the obligation by an Actor BOUND BY OATH to the United States Constitution, thus creates an attempt to RESTRICT COMMERCE AND TRADE by CREATING A MONOPOLY in violation of 15 USC 1 and 2

Enforcement Step 1: 42 USC 1985 in conjunction with 28 USC 1343 and go from there

It is your process, you come up with the enforcement procedure so you understand what you are doing. I have tried too many times to "coach" people thru their enforcement only to have them fuck it up because they do not comprehend the basics of what it is they are doing; no idea of what they want or seek from the effort ... This statement is NOT a green light for you to write up what you want because you are not here to convince me, so you must be wasting space and time trying to convince yourself.

And please do not post your letters and such here. I will glance over them, but that is about all.

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~ Boris

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims;
Resistance is futile.

If you think you can, you are correct.
If you think you can't, you are correct.

rschallmo said Apr 08, 2016
Wow Boris

Thanks for the words of encouragement. Some people get it, some don't . I guess you're not patience with people who find it hard to understand or have a learning disability. I guess I'll sift thru your website and try to comprehend something that is well beyond my thinking. Thanks for bumming me out.


John_Peterson_68 said Apr 08, 2016
Boris, A sincere thank you for once again putting it all in order as to realization, action and enforcement steps. I am truly blessed to have found your words of truth with the help of our brothers. You make it so easy to "get it". I continue to listen to the audios of yours and batman's. Which is awesome, simple and yet extremely deep. Thank you for everything you do to create a more beautiful future for the benefit of all.
Peace love and blessings my brother

some_dude said Apr 09, 2016
rschallmo - I put the site together with the intent to cause one to actually use that lump that resides in between their shoulders and rests 3 feet above their ass. But then most people suffer mental atrophy from all the years of not exercising that muscle. Not sure how one can not follow along. Not sure what people such as yourself are looking for when what you have is more than enough and if it is too much to handle, then I guess your freedom is also too much for you to handle and not worth the exercise.

We got into this mess by not thinking, now we gotta think our way out.

It appears you may be rushing. Are you in a rush? A pressing matter? Then you may have come to the wrong site. I comprehend the material is dense, but I go over matters in the forums, on the audios, and within the articles numerous times and I have also told people I do not go over paperwork. What did you expect? Did you want me to grade it? Have I gone over anyone else's posted letters or paperwork?

The idea behind your paperwork is to write up something that one can do with no more than a broken pencil and piece of toilet paper and still get the point across because one day, you might just be relegated to this fate. This is why I try to distill matters as concise as possible. 2-3 sentences, maybe a paragraph or two. That is it. That should be your limit.

But, if I get under your skin and my "patience with people who find it hard to understand or have a learning disability" gets your panties in a bunch, then you are screwed. I am nothing compared with whom you are dealing and your letter probably will not make it past the round filing cabinet on the floor.

Have you ever thought that by me being a pain in the ass, you might just be spared some headaches?

besides, if you think I am bad, wait until you actually speak with batman, you'll long for the days were I am the one addressing matters.

[Last edited Apr 09, 2016]
~ Boris

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims;
Resistance is futile.

If you think you can, you are correct.
If you think you can't, you are correct.

rschallmo said Apr 09, 2016

I appreciate who you are and what you do. I apologize if I said something to offend you that was not my intent. I do go over your website all the time everyday faithfully searching for answers. I am not rushing to get things done. I am studying diligently but there is a lot on your site. It seems like when I started this journey back a year or so ago things that we did back then like simply " accept for honor" and send it up to the treasury all your bills etc. and they should take care of it I've done that and nothing happened. I've surrendered my COLB and endorsed it over to the treasury. Now I have to give the orders the I was suppose to do and have them close the escrow and settle the account. I get that part. Now I will follow instruction above and keep it simple and to the point. I will make this my process the way I understand it. I wanted to get feedback on what I wrote above and I got it. Thank you, you gave me what I needed to hear to wake up and smell the coffee. I will go back and rethink my position and send it out.

After listening again to the New Mexico video day 2 gave me a better understanding on what I need to do along with your latest talk shoes audios. I am just trying to get this vast amount of information into my pea brain and help others who have similar situations. I've gone through the courts with the 4 corners from batman so I know what works. But now you simplified it where we don't need to fight and just accept it. You're right about batman.

I will keep the forum posted on my outcome.


some_dude said Apr 09, 2016
It takes time to de-and-then-re-program what you think you knew. I am constantly adjusting and readjusting frame of reference and got lucky that I did not happen to stumble into patridiotville ... I also have a mind that rejected this world a LONG time go, like when I was but a wee lad long ago, so I know the trials and tribulations people will find along the way, the most trying being patience and isolation.

Now, everything is "weighed and measured" against the usufruct and if it does not enhance the "story line", it is not incorporated but not rejected because items and even old ways of thinking can be repurposed ... shit, almost everything on this site is repurposed information gathered from other ways of thinking; others' research and findings, slightly altered to account for the usufruct. Once I tweaked the viewpoint, the whole thing opened up. I mean everything; My understanding of spiritual nature in combination with the commercial world, my way of thought, philosophy, understanding of relationships, communication; all of it came from my understanding of the one word: usufruct

It is like I re-discovered an ancient secret and tapped into some sort of consciousness allowing the universe speak to me and all of it started to just pour out on the Episode 8 audio. The whole audio is just me starting to put the whole puzzle together; all shot from the hip with no idea of what I was actually doing because I had never read much on the subjects covered in that audio, nor of what I talk about now. In fact, the more I actually talk about it, the more present understanding I experience. I do not know how to describe it, I just do it because to not is for me to go insane.

One year is just enough time to learn enough to get into trouble because not only are you learning a new way of existing, you are also putting it into practice and from what I have heard, for every hour you spend learning, you should be doing 2-3 hours of doing.

I admit, I do not have all the answers, but I know where this is heading and why we must continue and not allow ourselves to get bogged down with our material concerns for those concerns act as an anchor for the true purpose behind the "philosophy" and none of our concern.

If people began to look at these mortgages, legal issues, and such as a laboratory: a way to experiment to get comfortable with the material, I think the anxieties people have with respect to the "search for words" would subside as now there is no trying to stop something from happening, there only exists the playing as a child would play; with eyes filled with wonder and awe.

~ Boris

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims;
Resistance is futile.

If you think you can, you are correct.
If you think you can't, you are correct.
~ Boris

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims;
Resistance is futile.

If you think you can, you are correct.
If you think you can't, you are correct.