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Charges re:Injured Party

Hi peacekeepers,

My ESTATE has been facing several criminal charges from a single-car accident involving injured parties (the owner of  property collaterally damaged in the accident, and a near-fatal injury to the guest in the car). I would like to remain in honor of the injured parties (where the damaged property losses were covered by car insurance, and medical costs barely began to cover the physically injured), but am concerned when the STATE is alleging several felony charges against my ESTATE, which I am preparing to accept for honor for endorsement, and acquittance and discharge from any further obligation.

I have been doing my due diligence in understanding this sort of legal entanglement for many years, and have gained leaps and bounds of missing pieces in the last months since my arrest, for which I was bonded out on appearance bond.

As I move through the steps to correct the mistakes of contracts I made in the past, I have gotten a lot of resistance from the public defender when I am presented him with the Letter of Rogatory and supporting exhibits to file into the case. I feel that I owe something to the physically injured party, but do not wish to remain as personal surety to the ESTATE, which I have recently assigned the authenticated BC to the Treasury and gifted reversion for safe harbor.

In my months of digging through these pages, videos, audios, and this forum, I have not seen or heard much, if anything, regarding criminal cases involving injured parties. The potential sentencing accumulates to 17.5 years in prison, but a plea offer I have received from the STATE offers 12 months in jail, plus a few hitches into continued subjectivity. While I do not wish to be incarcerated, I would appreciate some reassurance that the processes covered in this material are viable in injured party cases before I reject the plea agreement, fire the public defender, and file the letter of rogatory into the case.

I also appreciate any opinions on the absolute next steps necessary that I would take, i.e. rescind the DL, update my passport, revise the SSN, and/or establish an Irrevocable Living Trust for property protection against any future claims against the ESTATE.

Thanks for all who are contributing to the awakening and returning of power to those living under God.