Boris's assigned officer?

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Boris's assigned officer?


You say there is an officer that deals with your matters when they need to be settle in their system.

What exactly is his position or authority? Does he have the authority to settle all your administrative issues at his level or does he have to get permission from someone higher up?
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Re: Boris's assigned officer?


Not really ... he was an agent who stepped forth during a court case when I brought up the issue of "under what authority do you recognize me by the name?" on the floor of the court the second time around.

Unfortunately, I really had no idea what I was doing. I did not have the correlation between the bible and secular as now.

I just knew one thing: the 4 corners (I am here for that matter for there is a mistake. Where is proper notice so I may deal this matter honorably) and the fact that NAME does not recognize me.

I was really close then, but then was not the appointed time as I had much more to comprehend.

Apologies if I made it appear to be something it is not.
~ Boris

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