Boris, Your 9 year journey to here?

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Boris, Your 9 year journey to here?

What was it that got you started? Did you get caught up in the AFV process like so many?

I got started in 96, following a guy named Thurston Bell. Got me in hot water that I have been trying to climb out of since.

Sued a couple of SF cops using info from Bill Thornton, and then came upon Trusts through Christian Walters (RIP). Now serendipity has me coming full circle with the material you have been presenting.

What happened in that "9 year court case" that opened your eyse to usufruct?

So much to grasp and put into practical use. I need to recover or restore my bank account, so my practical needs are to start there and see if I can get up to speed on all this quickly.
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Re: Boris, Your 9 year journey to here?

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What opened my eyes was really not the 9 year case ... the 9 year court case was in respect to a failed business venture wherein the partner skipped town and left me holding a 16K$ debt of which I sent the bank a check on a closed account and never heard back. In fact, during discovery, I was given a copy of the check and it had two hole punches in the upper right hand corner to show the check had been processed thru FEDWIRE by the bank in question. I also issued a check in the same manner regarding a sealbelt violation.

I had been studying Roger Elvick at the time and just got started, so I knew enough to keep myself from scalding myself. Each time they brought up the check, I would ask questions like "why did the clerk deposit the check in their general operating fund instead of with the treasury like they are supposed to" and "you damn right I issued a check on a closed account. I kept asking for remedy and you all failed to provide, so I created one" ... their responses were "where did you go to law school" and to remand the case to incompetency.

At the time, I had ZERO clue about anything other than what I was reading with Elvick. Later, I joined a yahoo group run by a guy named Stephen Godrfried called Commercial Redemption (CR(tm)); very interesting guy.

His "method" was to do a novation: accept upon proof of claim and then offer $1 postal money order each month to establish a new contract and each month they failed to provide proof of claim, the contract was in breach. So, I did this for 3 months, then closed out the contract and never went into court.

We all know what happens then, right? the dreaded FTA, which in Florida basically doubles the sentence.

So, about 1 year later, I was arrested at gun point at my apartment and held for 20 dys. Luckily, my step-dad could get loans on signature and knew a bailbond dude, so we got a 50K$ bond without having to put up anything.

Here is the most interesting story from that time: I was in a room with 3 State Attorney, a shrink, some dude from USF and some "observer" ... they were asking me all kinds of questions about all kinds of stuff. They asked about the DL and I told them "they only reason I have your little piece of plastic is so the psychopath with the gun doesn't shoot me". Later, the shrink pulled out one piece of paper, it was the novation contract. He asked me to explain this and I had no idea what to say, so this came out:

me: Is your name on that?
He responded: No
me: does it concern you?
He responded: No
me: Do you want it to?
He responded: (put paper back in stack)

I do believe at this time, that novation contract is what saved my ass as each time I would get a summons, I would write on it accepted upon proof of claim and then flip it over and write "you offer is accepted upon proof of claim and I look forward to completing our business when we next meet" and send it back. I just got sick and tired of doing paperwork. I was done with it.

So, each time for the next year or two, I would come into court every month or two and park my ass in the middle of the court and no one would even talk to me. NO PD, no Judge, no prosecutor. NO ONE. Then they would "punt" and reschedule. It got so fuckered up, that I would show up 30-45 min late and as soon as my ass hit the bench in the galley, a lawyer would show up and say the hearing was "rescheduled" ... it just dragged on and on. How do you even think about building or living a life when you know in a month of two, you could be going to jail for upto 10 years? Fucking sucks.

I do not recommend nor wish this on anyone

Around this time, I had only one guy to really talk with, that would be Minnesota Mark (ref Audio 10 on the Batman Talkshoe and yes, he is the one in the mental health facility on those calls) and we went diving into history a bit and found the word usufruct in a letter from Jefferson to Madison.

Also, it was about this time I met Batman and he brought forth the "4 Corners" of which is STILL the cornerstone for all of this. I tell you what, Batman is one hell a dude. You should try and seek him out if you really want a heart-mind adjustment.

I had no idea what "usufruct" meant and doing a goole search yielded exactly 2 RESULTS. Some word doc about Gias and the definition. So, I studied the definition and then found the explanation on what the federal reserve note is on the Treasury site: a lien against all the goods and services provided by the people in their private capacity, and it dawned that if all money is a lein against what people do in their private capacity, then the one who holds the lien is the usufruct because the other party is the one of whom provided the fruit upon which money derived its value and the lien holder is the beneficiary.

Anyhow, the 4 corners saved my ass more that even I will know because once said, it cause the prosecutor to RESCIND 2 signed orders on the floor of the court. I think it was for committal, since this is what they were seeking at the time.

Now, this is also funny, but how many people do you know that get arrested while out on bond DO NOT get their bond revoked? Cause I was arrested for driving on suspended, no seat belt, possession, and paraphernalia one day and all those charges were sucked up by the incompetence and at this point, I was talking with some dude from Forensic Investigations (he actually handled the matter) ... also, this time, I got a call from the State Attorney regarding a hand written letter I gave them and I think someone hung up the phone because he was getting frustrated and his last words were "Listen here you little ..." CLICK.

I guess the answer to "what do you want?" is not "the best for everyone involved".

If I had known better, I would have been out then. The Forensic Investigation "offered" name change and then later on revealed he was now investigating murders and could "Fake a death" ... I had zero clue as to what he meant and exactly how close I was. The name change and the "fake death" would have allowed me to kill off the debtor and then express a NEW TRUST. Like they say, hindsight is 20/20. But I did tell him that I was down to one word: usufruct, and his only response was "are you talking to anyone about this?"

So, when I started putting up articles talking about usufruct, Google Search had the two entries from above, but the next 18 of top 20 were the articles I was writing, appearing on a whole bunch of sites as I did not have a website at that point.

Then one day, about 2 months or so later, the flood gates opened and a SHIT TON of information from all around the world began showing up in google searches. We knew we hit it.

The rest is what you see before you on this site. Everything, all my comprehension, stems from that one day of finding the word and exploring it.

Now you know, and according to GI-JOE, "knowing is half the battle" ;)

~ Boris

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims;
Resistance is futile.

If you think you can, you are correct.
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Re: Boris, Your 9 year journey to here?

Amazing story.

I particularly like how the shrink backed off from prying into the novation contract, when it was clear he could be made a party to it, since he was so curious.

Knowing how you got hear helps me understand my own journey. Thanks.