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Dude, i have a bankruptcy case in Tampa that has been sitting there for nearly 3 years and is not Closed.  The last order on the case is below.  In the case i am the Private Attorney General /Bounty Hunter and live man.   i am thinking to Amend the BK to include a recently recorded private Deed that my parents granted to me that is in foreclosure beginnings in County Court in order to settle it and everything Else.  

Once the Amended schedule is on the docket, i am looking to do the NOTICE OF FILING for the Certification/FML Trust d/b/a NAME and of the Surrender and paid Excise tax.  

In Schedule H of the Amended BK is a place for “CODEBTORS”  this is where i plan to list Executive Office of the United States Government, U.S. Department of Treasury and Catholic Bishop of Chicago, a Corporation Sole.

Any thoughts on doing this?

Last Order in 2014

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Re: Bankruptcy

these are judgement calls ... you make the call to adopt and use whatever information you deem necessary. Again, I am a guide, not a definitive source and I really do not like making these decisions for anyone because I am not the one whom is going to be operating and executing the decision and you need to comprehend the WHY you are making the decision you make so you know the WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW, and WHO with respect to implementing as such.

So, first off ... WHY?

you appear to know the WHO, the WHERE, the HOW, the WHEN and the WHAT ....

but WHY?

examine the reasoning behind the WHY? and the answer becomes clear.
~ Boris

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