Awful Grace Of God

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Awful Grace Of God

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For those with ears


Living in a pod
excrement recycled – eat it
that's your water and food
for you believe in your own shit

Glued to a digital world
muscles have no use
a worthless man
(they're) stealing your energy – such abuse

Such a good little Goy
can you feel anything
come out of the darkness
and see the perfect lie – your THING

Need to break down
Need to re-start
Need to un-plug
Need to get out
For he who learns must suffer
For in dispair and against your will
For comes wisdom by the awful grace of God

Oh, man of straw
take that straw from your shoe
you piece of 'shyster'
codes of deception – you are ewe

A false witness to swear
flawed with no standing
scarecrow with no heart
do not respect such persons - UNDERstanding

The straw-man is put forward for bail and surety
The man did not commit but the person did
No voluntary payments just the certificate to discharge
the persona is the property of the Judge and the God of Death
put away that wicked person
I do not plead to a false God
put away that wicked person
I do not believe in a false God

Hope you like - don't be shy to comment
Life is for living and the art to being free